Trust Is Integral To Online Relationships

Without trust, a marriage or a friendship cannot function. That is why drug addictions are so devastating. Infidelity can compromise trust in a marriage, leaving one or both spouses wondering about the activities of the other while they are away. Similarly, consumers need to trust a company before they give they make a purchase. In this digital era, people are afraid of things like fraud. They are not hasty to make an online purchase. This is why it is important to follow the lead of companies such as IC Media Direct, who is one of the leaders in online reputation management. They urge companies to keep track of the potential threats on the Internet.

Watch Out For Competitors

The term ‘fair play’ is not in everybody’s vocabulary. This truth often emerges during political seasons. One candidate may do everything to ruin the reputation of the rival candidate. From uncovering past transgressions to outright fabrications, people are merciless when it comes to beating the competition.

The same can be said in the realm of business. Many companies traverse the boundaries of business ethics and anonymously post articles on the Internet that smear their competitors. They could say that an illness was going around a restaurant or that a gas station sold illicit drugs under the counter. It does not matter if these things are true. People will either believe them or avoid them just to be cautious. ICMediaDirect advices that companies keep watch on the Internet for this sort of threat. Ensure that proper SEO practices are being conducted to defend against this possible activity.

Disgruntled Employees

If an employee is fired or if she quits, she will probably have a negative perspective of the company. She might attempt to relay alleged poor business practices, deterring customers or potential employees. When consumers see this, they will come to distrust the company. A firm grasp on the company’s Internet reputation can help to combat this.

SEO is a powerful tool. It can mitigate the threat of the person who might have a grudge against a company or a rival competitor out to steal customers.


Jason Hope the Tech Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is American tech Entrepreneur who has a keen eye for the technology. According to an interview, Jason Hope said that he was inspired to start entrepreneurship in the field of the technology by the fact that Mobile communication technology benefits and reaches many people and thus it is one of the biggest catalysts for change. He says that though mobile technology is no longer new but it still has a room for growth and improvements. After graduating he started selling premium text messages while this laid a foundation for the future in technology.

Jason Hope has earned himself a reputation as a distinguished tech entrepreneur, author, futuristic and philanthropist. The tech enthusiast has a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and holds an MBA from WP Carey School, an institute that is from Arizona State University. He supports local educational programs such as The Tony Hawk Foundation, Girls Clun of Metropolitan Phoenix, and the Boy amongst others.

Technology is the future this is according to Jason Hope and for that reason, he works in the field with the aim of opening several research and development avenues to fellow technology entrepreneurs. His focus is on the mobile app, device connectivity, desktop software and gaming software. He says that he will continue to looking for new ways to explore more opportunity represented by the technology. In the relation to starting a business, Jason Hope believes that it is not easy endeavor due to the pitfalls and numerous challenges that one face initially as result of this he works to support the idea funding and guiding the next generation entrepreneur to achieve their dreams.

As a futurist, he has made several predictions regarding the Internet of Things (IoT). Jason Hope believes that IoT will give so many values in the future, he notes that the Internet is simply an interesting technology option for most people. He says as new devices continue to enter the market the tech industry is set to be completely difference from what people expect now.

In addition, Jason Hope supports SENS Foundation amongst other organizations. He donated $500 000 in 2010 to support the SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization that does research and makes experiments by partnering with other organizations. The main aim of the SENS Foundation is to develop medicine for aging and aging-related diseases. Some of the disease it is researching on are Atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease amongst others.

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Benefits of Securus Technologies’ video visitation platform

The impact that Securus Technologies has had when it comes to improving services in correctional facilities through technology is unmatched. Receiving a BBB accreditation of A+ is not a simple, yet the company managed to get that level of accreditation. This implies that the company’s ability to manage its activities and listen to customer complaints is at its best level.

One of the significant changes that Securus Technologies has brought to most correctional facilities is the video visitation technology. This tech allows relatives of inmates to make video calls to their beloved ones who have been incarcerated. This can come in handy especially during holidays such as Christmas, when one wants to spend time inmates feel like spending time with their families or friends. One can schedule online visits and also pick the type of visit they would like. Despite the numerous critics this technology has got, it bears numerous advantages. A few of them include:

– The online platform saves a lot of time and money. One doesn’t have to spend time and expenses traveling to a correctional facility to see an inmate. The time that visitors spend at the waiting bays during visitation is also saved.

– It allows for visits by multiple persons at once. Due to organization reasons, correctional facilities try to limit the number of persons that can visit an inmate at once. It may therefore impossible for the whole family to visit the inmate. Video visitation solves this as the whole family can pose in front of the camera to chat with the inmate. This allows the inmate to even spend time with the whole family and friends at once, especially during such holidays as Christmas.

– Chances of one sneaking contraband items into a correctional facility are nil when using the video visitation platform. As much as security measures are in place to avoid this, personal visits still create opportunities for opportunists to sneak in items that aren’t allowed into the facility. This improves services in the facilities.

– Chances of family members getting caught up in prison feuds can be drastically reduced with the video technology.

– The productivity of staff members in the facilities has been increased since more time is spent on doing constructive work. Staff members no longer spend a lot of time picking calls from relatives or inmates. Such time can be used to focus on other activities that concern the facility’s safety.



Christanna Bevin Achievements as a Project Manager

Christanna Bevin is a renowned project manager who is based in Sydney, Australia. She has worked as a project manager for a while now, and she has proved to the world that she is a professional in all the aspects of her job. Bevin has a lot of expertise and experience, and this is one of the reasons she has done so well.

When she gets a project, Christanna takes it personal, developing a professional relationship with the customers. This helps her to serve them better and also meet all their demands in time. Bevin offers essential client services such as controlling contracts for different projects, administering power in the construction portion of the projects and many other activities. Her vast experience in commercial projects has earned her a special place in the hearts of many customers.

Christanna Bevin has also proven to have good written and oral communication skills, and these have played a key role in developing excellent relationships with the clients. Today, Bevin has any stakeholders who respect her because of her achievements.

Most of the projects completed by the legendary project manager in the past have a lot of importance to the society. Her skills in the industry set her apart from all her competitors most of the time. Bevin has great relationships with different construction companies around the globe, and this helps in ensuring that the various interests of the parties involved are well protected, and the project can be completed without any troubles. In the construction projects, Bevin’s primary responsibility is to control everything that happens and make sure that the vision of the project is realized at the end of the day.

Bevin works in close collaboration with all the stakeholders to make sure that everything written in the original plans comes into reality. She can manage projects in public and private industries perfectly. The successful project manager has also proved to the world that women can do well in the construction department. In the past, this industry was only dominated by men, and there were very few women who had courage and skills to excel. She is also a role model to many women from all over the world.

George Soros is Prepared for the Trump White House

Millions of voters and billions of dollars were mobilized in the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Democratic mega-donor, George Soros, was one of those voters and a very active donor in 2016. After a few years staying less-active in campaign fundraising, Soros donated over $25 million dollars to help elect Hillary Clinton to the white house. While Clinton did not reach the white house, Soros saw success with some of his other campaigns.

Chief amongst these other ventures was Soros’ support of the successful campaign to unseat Joe Arpaio – the controversial Sheriff of Maricopa County, Phoenix. Over $2 million dollars was given by Soros-backed groups to help unseat Arpaio. Arpaio was the only sheriff to be targeted by Soros’ campaigns, however he wasn’t the only “sheriff in town” when it came to Soros’ other efforts to help initiate criminal justice reform. Seven counties were also the target of Soros’ campaigns to initiate criminal justice reform by challenging local district attorneys, including Houston’s Harris County, Gilpin and Jefferson counties near Denver, and Arpaio’s own Maricopa County. The candidates he supported typically stated their goal to reduce racial disparities in sentencing and to direct some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to jail.

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’
The Capitalist Threat

Criminal justice reform was not Soros’ only interest this election season. Funds were also raised to increase Puerto Rican voter turnout in Florida. United for Progress – a Floridian political committee – received $200,000 dollars from Soros to help mobilize these crucial voters. Puerto Ricans account for nearly one-third of Hispanic voters in Florida – second in numbers only to Cuban-Americans.

While not directly related to a campaign – George Soros has also pledged over $500 million dollars to back migrant and refugee owned businesses and ventures. As he stated in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal “I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves.” Soros justified his investment by saying he hopes other investors will follow his lead and use their wealth to help fund innovative migrant-owned businesses.

Despite what is sure to be George Soros’ disappointment at the outcome of the presidential election
, he is not content to stay home and stew for the next four years. Soros has already met in Washington with other Democratic donors and leaders to strategize for the fight against Trump. This includes plans for the upcoming 2017 and 2018 elections – and also plans to thwart Trump’s 100 day agenda.

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Getting Energy Efficient with LED Lighting

A lot of individuals are beginning to realize that LED lighting is absolutely ideal for their business needs. It can be difficult for you to save money on electric when you are using it so often. The problem with a lot of business owners is that they simply do not know how to begin saving money on this particular need in their own office options. One thing you will want to consider is using a company known as Gooee and seeing what types of products they have available to you at any current moment in time. The company you can trust and know that the LED options they have available to you will make your office needs a lot more beneficial and energy efficient.


There was never anything bad with making use of a good quality company like Gooee because of the fact that they have a variety of different options that can make life easier for you and your co-workers. You have probably heard about LED lighting before but we’re not sure about what it could do for you and your office. This is why it is absolutely important that you think about using LED lighting for your home and to see if it can be the right option for you as it has for a lot of other business owners as well. Lots of individuals are finding Gooee LED lighting to be a great option for themselves and this is why it is a good idea for you to check it out and to see if it can benefit you and save you the money that it has for a lot of other people.

Revolutionary Lip Care: EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm comes in several different kinds. They are also available in both spheres and the tradional stick forms. The varieties available include shimmer, organic and a special smoothing formula. All of the formulas ensure that while using the EOS line of lip care products your lips will be healthy and visibly smooth. With fun flavors like blackberry, vanilla bean and lemon twist there is bound to be a flavor for everyone.

EOS lip balm blends together effective ingredients to make a product that not only makes lips feel and look kissibly soft but also appeals to your sense of smell by having flavors that fit your different moods and the different seasons. They also come in cute and colorful packaging that are just fun.

They are available in many different stores including Target and Wal-mart. You can also find them online at the above retailers websites as well as and For the product quality EOS lip balms are the best deal available. One sphere or tube will outlast any of the other brands of chap stick or lip balm out there and for sure will keep you happy by keeping your lips nice and smooth. If you haven’t tried them out , you need to go ahead and check them out. Read hoe EOS lip balms started on

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SMU Is Happy To Have James Dondero On Board

Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business is happy to announce that they will now have James Dondero on their board. James Dondero will serve as the executive on the school board. This also comes with a program that has been solely created by Mr. Dondero.

This is a program for both students and the public. The basis of it is to equip each student with knowledge regarding public policy in areas such as banking, investing, law, and more. All of the proceeds from this program will go to the George W. Bush Library, which is also a presidential museum.

The Cox School of Business has just about 100 individuals on the school board. When someone resigns or passes away, a committee chooses the next person. James Dondero was chosen due to his history of banking management and being an investment genius.

The Cox School of Business was put into effect in the 1970’s. Since that time, the school board has always been the heart of the business school. It is the school board that helps the school take the right approaches so that the state of Texas gives the most amount of money to the school. It is also the school board that helps students get the most money for grants and scholarships and the like.

According to NexBank, James Dondero was very happy when he was informed of his new position with the Cox School of Business. He is a very humble man despite all of his accomplishments in life, particularly those in the field of business.

Just before the year 2000, James Dondero began the company known as Highland Capital Management. A big aspect of this company was helping companies use their assets. James introduced business owners into various new ways in which they could use their assets.

These included getting loans, selling them, collecting interest on them, and so much more. James Dondero is responsible for helping business owners receive more than 10 billion dollars in exchange for assets. Mr. Dondero also started this company to teach business owners how to use their credit wisely and to their advantage.

Home Lighting Controlled from One’s Phone

Gooee Smart lighting is the newest addition to the smart technology era; in essence, Smart lighting it is lighting that can be controlled through one’s smart phone. Comparable to starting one’s car by clicking on a smartphone app, now one can turn on the kitchen light right from their smartphone. Up to now, smart lighting has consisted of timers, sensors, dimmers and energy saving lighting. Smart lighting is now taking it a step further with the smart light bulb. The smart light bulb consists of computerized settings, wireless controls, and accommodating features, all controlled from one’s smartphone. These bulbs are not controlled by a single switch but rather each individual bulb can be controlled separately and wirelessly. This will give the owner control of light hues, as well as bulb brightness. The smart bulb will have the same energy saving qualities as an LED light but the smart bulb from Gooee will be more user friendly. In addition to these great qualities, the smart bulbs will have the ability to act as a wireless router giving prime WiFi throughout the entire home. These bulb will hopefully save the user time and energy, making the home a more peaceful.

Town Residential Signs a 15-Year Lease Agreement on a Strategically Located NYC Office

On Finding a Perfect Home;

Finding a good home that suits you can be a mammoth of a task. When looking for an ideal home in NYC is a whole different story. It is a stressful ordeal, to say the least. This mostly applies if you’re green to the city. Many posts have been written on how to get a home in the city but reading them will leave you confused and having more questions than answers.


That is why I suggest you let pros do all the heavy lifting when it comes to looking for the ideal home for you. When you’re talking about professional residential firms, Town Residential is second to none. Their highly trained and competent team will find you the best place that will suit your lifestyle needs, and that is within your budget. Some unconfirmed reports indicate that famous celebrities including Kylie and Kendall Jenner have used their services.


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On Town Residential’s 10th Outpost


Town Residential, a NYC residential brokerage firm that was founded in 2010, has agreed to a 15-year lease on their 10th office location just three years after inception. The announcement was made in September 2013, and Andrew Heiberger, the founder, and CEO of Town Residential explained the logic behind the leasing of the office space. He also shed light on what their 10th outpost meant for both the company and its clients.


Leasing of the spacious office is perhaps the best representation of Mr. Heiberger’s tenacious flair in the real estate market that has yielded such great results for his company. Proud of the new office branch, Mr. Heiberger stressed that Town Residential’s initiative in securing the best locations is what sets them apart from the competition.


The office is located in the meatpacking district providing easy access to Hudson’s swath of residential buildings. The firm is positioned in a strategic location to broker high-end deals. Mr. Heiberger envisions the brokers taking the clients across the High Line to appointments.


Mr. Heiberger also announced that Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm that makes sales in the West Village will move into the new office space in the meatpacking district. He claimed that they reached an agreement, which will see them share space in the new office. He did not mention the specifics in the disclosure.


Features of the Office


The company has rented the entire second floor of the building located in 446W. 14th street. It spans a whopping 7100 square foot with an asking rent believed to be $90 per square foot region. It is spacious with a 16-foot ceiling. The three-story building also features a private roof deck, which is accessible to its tenants.