The Extent A Customer Could Go With A Company’s Reputation

A customer can easily destroy a company’s reputation. A growing number of companies are beginning to realize this fact. However, there is more to it than just a review appearing on the search results. There are many other things a customer can do in order to bring down the reputation of a company. As a matter of fact, a customer could go a lot further than just writing a bad review. If the customer feels the need to expose the bad business practices of a company, then he will write reviews on as many reputable sites as he can find. He will also write blog posts and can even write on forums in order to make sure that word gets out.

All of this sounds scary for businesses of many sizes because of the potential for huge losses. These days, it is important for people to make sure that they are going to be able to solve any issue that comes up. When one treats the other with disregard, then this is going to likely result in some kind of backlash. A lot of the businesses can’t afford the fallout that could come with the bad reviews. This is why it is important for company owners to have some kind of way to make sure that their online reputation is taken care of.

Fortunately, if businesses can be organized about it, then they can manage their reputation. Fortunately, all that needs to be done in order to manage this is to look at their online reputation. This can be done by tracking every mention of the company. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a tool that is able to track every mention. The best types of tools will be able to indicate the weight of each mention.


Desiree Perez Enjoys What She Does

There are very few people who overcome a lot of adversity and develop a toughness that is required to take on the industry. Desiree Perez has developed this toughness. She has dealt with a lot of the rough things that the streets throw at her. As a result, she has been able to handle some of the tougher aspects of the hip hop industry. For one thing, she has developed a passion for the industry because of it being a platform for people to tell their story. She has been able to make a lot of events happen. At the same time, she has managed to start a few businesses and services. One of which is Tidal.  Check this on


Tidal is the service that offers people the chance to listen to what is hot. At the same time, Tidal also connects people to special events with artists. People are also able to enjoy some of the new artists with Tidal discover. Desiree Perez is in the Hova circle of influence which includes Jay Z. Jay Z is impressed with how well she works in the industry. He is also impressed with all of the situations she has overcome because she does not cower in fear. has this.

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One thing that Dez shows is that people who overcome a lot are able to handle business success. She approaches her work with a positive mindset that ensures success in anything that is attempted. She has worked with many big stars such as Rihanna with the Rihanna Samsung event. She has been involved in plenty of other events that have sold out and been hits. For one thing, she knows that there is no time for one to be insecure about oneself. The industry knows how to prey on those insecurities. As a result, it will eat the weak up.

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Igor Cornelsen Sharing His Vast Experience and Knowledge in Investment

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment advisor. This South Florida native is particularly passionate about investments in Brazil which is his home country. This very successful investment expert currently works for Brainbridge Investment Inc. which is based in Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen works by developing creative strategies to take advantage of the stock market for future success. Through him, stock market investors are able to conduct profitable business by avoiding damaged stock.

When Igor Cornelsen is not working at Brainbridge, he is sharing his vast experience and knowledge, in investment, with upcoming entrepreneurs. You will find his investment tips being featured by publications such as PRNewswire and CNBC. 50% of Cornelsen’s time is spent in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is mostly there encouraging and advising investors on profitable investments in Brazil. Here are some investment tips from Igor Cornelsen.

Start Now

If you have a great idea, the time to invest is now. Do not wait for later. You will end up regretting that you had started earlier. Starting now will give you ample time to fail and pick yourself up when you are still energetic on Crunchbase.

Get to the Ground and Do Your Research

If you want to invest in Brazil, it pays to do your research by talking to the locals rather than researching on the internet. Researching on the internet is not the best way on There might be so many resources but most people who write those articles have actually not been to the country in a very long time. Instead of being misguided, just invest some time and money and speak with some Brazilians who already have businesses there. Brazilians are generally inviting and friendly people and they will be more than willing to share with you what they think of the market at

Understand the Rules and Regulations

Being on the wrong side of the law of a foreign country can be a very big set-back. It is important that investors do their research and identify the rule and regulation that govern their industry. Also, be ready to be faced with a lot of bureaucracy.

Whitney Wolfe Marks New Trend in App Dating

It has been stated that Whitney Wolfe is the person that helped start Tinder. It has been said that this company might not even exist if Wolfe did not help but starting this company. There was another app that was in place before Tinder was started call Cardify, but this app did not really reach audiences the way that the creators assumed it would. It was only when Whitney Wolfe got on board that the creation of Tinder became a possibility.

This shows that there was a certain spark there she had that was valuable and making dating apps come to life. Whitney Wolfe was someone that managed to gain the attention for putting together a new way for people to meet one another through smart devices. The Bumble app that Wolfe created feels the void that was found in the dating world. So many women have stated that they continue to get messages from people that they may not necessarily be interested in communicating with. With the Bumble app, there is a level of power that women get from utilizing this dating app. If they come across someone that they are not interested in they have the ability to get rid of this man’s messages, and users will not have to worry about seeing anymore unwanted messages.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she is not the common dating app entrepreneur. She has shown the world that there is so much more in store from what she started. Tinder was obviously her starting point, but Bumble marks a new era in dating that had not been explored just yet. She opened the door to new ground, and it is almost certain that she will become a trend setter through the work that she has done with this new innovative app.

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Career Enhancement Through the Wessex Institute of Technology

The science and technology industry is a very important industry that has a lot of demand for skilled employees. While there are plenty of opportunities to have a good career in these industries, you could further enhance your career by joining the Wessex Institute of Technology.


The Wessex Institute of Technology is the premier professional organization for science and technology fields. The organization can help members improve and further their careers several ways. One way is by providing members with plenty of networking opportunities. The Wessex Institute of Technology hosts over twenty different conferences every year, each of which is attended by hundreds of professionals looking to meet others in the field.  Check  to read more about them.


The Wessex Institute of Technology also hosts a job board that makes it easy for people to apply for jobs. The job board is updated on a regular basis and can be used to read about open positions and apply for top jobs.

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How Jeffery Schneider has developed Ascendant Capital LLC

Jeffry Schneider currently serves as the CEO of the Ascendant Capital LLC, which is an Austin-based finance company. He is also the founder of the enterprise. The primary focus of his business is in offering a broad range of solutions that deals with marketing, education, operations, and sales. Ascendant Capital has come up with exceptional strategies that it uses in sourcing affluence for benefactors of alternative investment funds. Jeffry and his firm have collaborated with various upcoming private banks, family enterprises, licensed investment advisor, and brokers to provide international private and public offering.

Ascendant Capital has been expanding at a fast rate in the past five years that Jeffry Schneider has been heading it. The enterprise had two employees when it was established, but it has now progressed and has offered jobs to over 30 professional. He has coordinated with his company’s workers to raise approximately $1 billion for various managers that it serves. The business of Ascendant Capital is currently big since it associates with many family companies, 50 brokers, and 250 investment counselors.

Mr. Schneider believes that the growth rate of his company will increase in future. He thinks that the market’s current state makes it easy for alternative investments to offer strategies that can be useful to individuals and organizations who would like to diversify their affluence and a way of mitigating volatility. The company’s growth has been pleasant in the past few years, and he hopes that it will perform better.

According to Jeffry, alternative investments have been accessing a lot of smart money than what is passed through RIAs. He also believes that customer portfolios should also be offered more when it comes to alternative investments. Schneider’s company has adopted a culture that has supported its success. It has been advocating for internal and external transparency, open communication, and trust. The enterprise has also prioritized its fiduciary to the investors.

Jeffry Schneider acquired his finance knowledge from the University of Massachusetts. He was then hired by companies such as Merrill Lynch, Axiom Capital Management, and Paradigm Global Advisor. His other interests include traveling the world and living in a healthy way. Schneider has also been giving back to the society.

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Hospitality Meets Five Star Facilities at the Copa Star Hospital

Hospital services dictate hospitality as the name suggests. Quality services is what you get at the Copa Star hospital. The hospital brings a rare combination of a five-star center that is fully equipped with modernized facilities and state-of-the-art setting similar to that of a five-star hotel. Copa star is located at the center of the luxurious city of Rua Figueirdo de Magalhaes in Copacabana, standing on a 21,000 square meter ground. It is a subsidiary of the D’or network of hospitals, commonly synonymous with luxurious hospital services and facilities.

But obviously such outstanding facilities come at a cost, and so is the Copa Star Hospital. The hospital was built on R$400 million budget, though this is reasonable considering the interior design and the classy exterior facilities. The interior capacity accommodates 9 operation rooms and 59 Intensive Care Unit rooms. It has 155 privately-designed patient suits, each with a friendly operational, communication and entertainment system. The patients’ suits are equipped with iPads suitably located near the head of the bed that assists in communication. By using the iPads, the patients can control the lighting systems, communicate to their nurses or doctors and even adjust the room curtains.

Forget about the patient suits. The ICU rooms are just a monster display of extreme artwork specially designed to connect the patients with the throbbing life outside the hospital. The ICU screens double as windows, and are connected to the cameras on every corner of the Copacabana streets. Patients can, therefore, see lively streamed images from the street, keeping them updated and sparing them the boredom and fatigue common in ICUs.

Yet in as much as the interior design makes the hospital unparalleled in the whole of Brazil, the exterior composition outclasses every single hospital in Latin America. The restaurant facility in the hospital, compound serviced by Swiss chefs, provides every palatable cuisine of your taste. Patients are always treated to nutritious delicacies of their preference, and this helps to speed their recovery and healing processes.

The exterior rooftop of the building is fitted with cameras that are exclusively conditioned to broadcast live images of the nearby ocean beach. The exterior composition attaches patients with the whole feeling of being at home, hence reducing the trauma associated with being in a confined place.

Medical Services

Copa Star Hospital mainly offers cardiology and neurological treatment services. It also offers infant treatment with the extended pediatric emergency room introduced recently. The hospital also extends outpatient services all over Brazil, with highly equipped network stations sprouting around the country. Visit their page on Facebook.


Highly trained staff members are ever available 24 hours a day. The hospital staff, consisting of about 600 people, includes doctors, nurses and additional support personnel. These experts are highly trained and equipped to give patients the best services.

Stephen Rotella Artist And Busissness Man

Stephen Rotella CEO of StoneCastle company that offers the most comprehensive set of sweeps solutions to finacial institutions, administrations and intermediaries. StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC, a market leading provider of insured deposit technology and services to institional investors.

“We plan to be disruptive and differentiated force in the insurance sweep industry.” CEO of StoneCastle Stephen Rotella said.

StoneCastle has extensive sales and marketing experience.

“With the addition of sweep capabilities to the business, coincident with peding SEC and DOL regulatory reforms, StoneCastle can effectively apply it’s solutions to brokerage firms, registered advisers, and other finacial intermediaries facing extraordinary challenges and historic opportunities in providing client value with growing assets and profitability.” Rotella added.

StoneCastle is a leading administrator of insured cash solutions for institional investors. Before Stephen Rotellawas CEO at Stone Castle he served as President of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation. Also a well know fine artist where he received training in both painting and illustration from California State University, Channel Islands, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in studio art in 2012. Rotella studied in both France and Italy.

Lift national board of direct elects Stephen I Rotella as new chairman. Stephen J Rotella, President of StoneCastle Partners LLC and active philanthropist, as the new Chairman of its National Board. Stephens business career spans more than 30 years with a back ground in strategic and operating leadership in financial services that includes deep experience in retail and internet banking, marketing asset management, organizational development and large sale operations management.

Why Your Should Choose USHealth Group For Your Needs of Attaining Health Care Coverage

If you are not sure about whether enrolling in a healthcare coverage plan is the right thing for you at this moment in time, then you may want to know that it is becoming mandatory based on laws. Although many people are starting to choose to pay fees for not enrolling in healthcare plans, it is recommended for people to not take such a route as they will need to ensure that they are covered by the coverage plan of a reliable company should anything go wrong in pertinence to their well-being and health.


By contacting one of the representatives of the customer service center of USHealth Group, you can have confidence in knowing that you are well on your way towards acquiring services that will undoubtedly protect your health should you get hurt or sick unexpectedly.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you act quickly when there are such great prices and coverage plans available for people to take advantage of with this particular company during a time when health insurance providing companies are taking advantage of customers’ requirements of enrolling in healthcare programs due to laws by raising their prices to record highs in the market. USHealth Group is a company that has decided not to take such a route in their service offerings as they strive to hold on to the values they have implemented into their operations since the day they began providing their services of optimal healthcare coverage for any and all people who wished to be protected in regards to their overall health and well-being. It is highly recommended for you to not neglect your necessities of protecting yourself by enrolling into a program that would be considered a viable option of healthcare coverage. Whether you are aware of it or not, the decisions that you make in regards to your health can have tremendous effects on your life in the long run. USHealth Group has been accredited by the BBB, thus making them a solid choice of healthcare coverage for anyone who is looking for a company that provides them with reliability in service.

FreedomPop Finally Delivers Free Mobile Wifi

Standing Out In The Market

The market for mobile wifi is notoriously expensive. ISPs generally charge exorbitant rates for mobile services and treat it as a sort of luxury. This finally ends with the services offered by FreedomPop. For those tired of paying insane fees to use mobile wifi this offers a refreshing and thrifty option. Despite the low prices the quality of the service you receive is far greater than what you find in more expensive options.


What Makes It Truly Free

A FreedomPop Review reveals exactly this is a service you can literally receive for free. You can receive a small amount of data for practically nothing every month. When you run out of data you don’t necessarily have to pay for more data either. You can actually earn additional data and use it as you like. This unique system offers you something you would never expect from an ISP. There simply isn’t anything comparable to what you will receive from FreedomPop. It’s a bargain that comes around once in a full blue moon for those who can find it.


Saving Money On Your Phone Bill

Normally, when you choose to use your mobile wifi service you’ll find it is far too easy to burn through your data using simple apps for relatively short periods of time. With FreedomPop you can actually save data and use some of their services for free such as online phone service. Instead of wasting your minutes you can simply use wifi calls to talk to your friends. This is something you wouldn’t normally find with any ISP, but it comes standard with FreedomPop. There simply isn’t any other option that compares in terms of the value you can find from them.


Should You Choose FreedomPop?

With all of the obvious benefits of using FreedomPop the decision is pretty clear. FreedomPop is the best option you have out there if you want affordable mobile internet. You can literally receive wifi for free, but you can also receive unlimited data for a relatively low price. There aren’t many out there that will give you this quality at this price out there. For people who value every penny and want something that reflects that, FreedomPop is perfect. Mobile internet is a fairly expensive service these days, but there’s finally a way out of all those fees and bills.