The Leading Brand of Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker who takes pride in the brand that you choose, then you will absolutely love this new brand of coffee called Bulletproof Coffee. Since the invention of this coffee in 2009,consumers have been raving about this new and innovative product. Not only is this cup of coffee delicious but it is also extremely healthy for your body by providing antioxidants as well as no chemicals. This coffee brand, created in 2009 by Dave Asprey was created with the intention of showing coffee enthusiasts that there is a better alternative to mainstream coffee brands such as Starbucks. Even actresses such as Shailene Wood and Maya Rudolph have gone on TV to praise this brand of coffee. They state that bulletproof coffee brings clarity to their morning routine.

The secret to the Bulletproof Coffee brand is the use of butter. Grass-fed butter is a great alternative to artificial cream or flavoring because it is both rich and gives the body the good trans fats that the body needs to lose weight. This product is definitely a better alternative to Starbucks by both the taste as well as the nutrition.

Just imagine that you walk into Starbucks with the intention of ordering a quick drinks and bite to eat before heading off to work. Now if you order say a latte with a blueberry muffin, these two items will equate to close to 1,000 calories. These two items will also leave your stomach growling within an hour of eating.

Now compare this to the Bulletproof Coffee brand. This particular brand, with the butter, equates to about 460 calories. Although this seems a lot, just one cup of coffee will fill you up and satisfy you until it is time for the next meal. With that said, this new upgraded brand surpasses mainstream brands by a lot.

What makes a cup of Bulletproof coffee so delicious are the beans. The beans are grown on their own plot of land in such as way that no extra and unwanted chemicals are added to the beans during the growing process. The beans are then harvested and sent to the roaster which is labeled as the number one roaster in the USA. This is to ensure that the best flavors come out of these beans. The time and effort put into making Bulletproof coffee is done so to show consumers that this coffee is both nutritious as well as extremely tasty.

Citrus and Melanoma

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there really is no disputing that fact. This is because there is a lot of healthy food that people can indulge in to help them kick start their day. Many people enjoy a piece of citrus fruit such as an orange or a grapefruit. They also enjoy a cool glass of orange juice. More so than that, these are snacks and healthy sides that so many people consume daily. But, there’s a new study out from Harvard Researchers that may have a link between a deadly disease.

According to GrubStreet consuming citrus fruit may cause Melanoma! Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer. The researchers found that those who consumed citrus regularly, compared to those who ate very little of it, had an increased risk of developing Melanoma. They are 36% more likely to develop the skin cancer.

Don’t stop eating fruit just yet! The researchers warn that there is still more research needed on this study. As Andy Wirth is well aware, the best defense against Melanoma is to still wear sunscreen and be cautious of how much time a person spends in a tanning bed, or out in the sun.

For now, take this study with a grain of salt. Oranges and citrus fruits still provide many benefits such as vitamin D which is a big necessity in life to fight against other diseases. These studies are interesting to follow, but nothing is concrete until there is more proof.

Quitting Smoking for 15 Years Or More Can Enhance Life Expectancy

A recent study appearing in the journal, Circulation: Heart Failure, contends that individuals that quit smoking 15 or more years ago, that their probability of having a fatal heart occurrence is the same as those for individuals that never lit up in the first place.

According to Claudio Loureiro, Senior author of the study, Dr. Ali Ahmed of the Center for Health and Aging at the Washington DC VA Medical Center, remarked, “These results support the majority of literature, including that of the U.S. Surgeon General,” though the results may not hold true for individuals that smoked a pack or more a day for more than 30 years, which came as a surprise to researchers. “While all individuals who quit smoking will benefit from a decreased chance of death, to achieve the full complement of health benefits of smoking cessation of one who has never smoked, smokers need to smoke less and quit early, and for those are not smokers, never start smoking,” Ahmed concluded.

The research team assessed the data of 2556 non-smoking and smoking individuals. The results of the study indicated that 21% of those that never smoked, and quitters, still experienced heart failure, while 30% of heavy smokes suffered heart failure.

The study stresses how important quitting smoking is for cardiovascular health and bolsters the effort for smokers to quit or dramatically reduce their amount of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis.

Studies Show No Significant Effectiveness in the Use of Knee Supports

You see athletes and health enthusiast wearing them and late night commercials advertising the wondrous benefits of buying and using one of their knee support sleeves. But how effective are they really? According to much scientific research and studies, the answer is unclear.

Their effectiveness can take on several meanings when talking about a knee brace or a sleeve stated Christian Broda. Depending on what type of injury or condition you are experiencing gives much to consider in what type of results you are hoping to gain. Do you want relief from pain, or do you require additional stability for mobility?

Different types of support produce different outcomes for the user. A firm brace made of carbon fiber or plastic material offers strong outer reinforcement by bearing down against the knee bones. However, due to their soft material, neoprene sleeves will not deliver the same type of reinforcement.

Professional opinions do side on the basis that braces offer no significant benefit. Associate professor of orthopedic sports medicine Dr. Robert A. Gallo at Penn State Hershey Medical Center said, “For each study that suggest wearing a knee brace can produce a clinical benefit in reducing pain or feelings of instability, there is usually a counter study which demonstrates no difference in symptoms between those using a brace and those who are not.” And, as for the neoprene sleeves, Dr. Gallo’s view is that the concept of improved balance could be encountered by the user. The final verdict though, if you experience a knee injury, talk with your dr. for a diagnosis and treatment to best match your particular needs.

Bruce Levenson: A High-Powered Businessman With a Heart for His Culture

Though he is in the process of selling the team, Bruce Levenson is still the co-owner of the professional basketball team, the Atlanta Hawks. In 2004, along with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce formed Atlanta Spirit LLC to buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. During the years he owned the team, Levenson also served as a member of the NBA Board of Governors. While most people only know Bruce as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he has also made many significant contributions as a business man and a philanthropist.

Before he ever thought of buying the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson was a businessman. In 1977, he co-founded United Communications Group, or UCG, with his same partner on the Atlanta Hawks – Ed Peskowitz. UCG began as a company that published a newsletter, Oil Express. Oil Express focused on the developments in the oil industry, and as it grew, it gained many other newsletters. Soon, UCG was now able to launch databases, most notably, Oil Price Information Service, or OPIS. Today, UCG specializes in a wider range of topics including telecommunications, healthcare, mortgage banking, data, technology, news, and other industries as well. Gas Buddy is a mobile app owned by UCG that helps drivers find the cheapest gas prices in their area.

A man of Jewish descent, Bruce is passionate about preserving the history of the Holocaust for future generations. In fact, he is a founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. The museum has a program called ‘Bringing the Lessons Home’ with teaches students the important lessons from the Holocaust and trains them as museum tour guides. Levenson has made significant contributions to this program, at least according to what USA Today has reported. His mother-in-law is even a survivor of the Holocaust. In addition to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, he has made great donations to other Jewish-based foundations like the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace. He is an outspoken supporter of many Jewish causes such as Birthright Israel, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, the Jewish Federation, and BBYO. In 2013, Bruce was among the group of 100 American Jews who sent letters to Benjamin Netanyahu, pressing him to work closely with Secretary of State John Kerry to secure peace and security for Israel.

Indeed, Bruce Levenson is not only a successful, high-powered businessman; he is a passionate philanthropist as well. He has made such a great impact on the world as a businessman and a philanthropist, and he will only continue to do so.