QNET Joins Crusading Humanitarians In Helping The Needy

I’m moved by the devotion QNET expresses in helping disadvantaged citizens, especially the youths. In fact, it’s dedicated a magnanimous crusade through the giving India-based QNET “WE CARE” initiative. A recent TeluguMirchi press release didn’t waste any time in sharing QNET stories of selfless contributions. WE CARE has partnered with reputable associations and NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) on a life-altering mission to strengthen communities. It recently joined supporters of Lions-Clubs International as IBC World News had reported moments ago. The organization commands a dedicated human rights initiative with the aim of helping kidney patients receive continuity care. The QNET India “WE CARE” chapter donated a dialysis to improve quality hospital services for patients. 

In addition to extending a positive humanitarian gesture in aiding Lions Clubs; QNET also supported the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Utsavam Chennai flood crusade. In fact, the MLM (Multilevel Marketing) boutique yielded a generous donation of about Rs. 75 Indian Lakhs. The ceremony celebrated the veteran and rising talents alike. Interestingly, this was the organization’s first staging of such an event. QNET was an instrumental aid in bringing this awesome awards ceremony to fruition. The Indian nation continues to face tough times, especially in areas of medicine and urgent care service. QNET joined the committed Lions District 317F crusaders in sponsoring household relief medicine for about 200 Chennai families. 

Hong Kong-based MLM innovator, QNET, which opened for business in 1998, provides a wealth of wellness products. Today, QNET has launched multiple branches spread across 100+ different countries. With an e-commerce-based mainstream platform, QNET doesn’t have geographical limitations. Since inception, it’s become a key member of networking DSAs (Direct Selling Associations) serving the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The head company, QI Group has committed to supporting the UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) initiative. I’ve learned that QNET supports non-profit organizations like the HKHFA (Hong Kong Health Food Association) and HSIA (Health Supplements Industry Association) of Singapore as well.  In addition, it’s a committed sponsor of world sports events as it extends support to footballers and other clubs. A moment ago, it secured a three-year sponsorship contract in promoting the well-established MCFC (Manchester City Football Club). QNET produces fashion accessories, energy, nutritional supplements, luxury collectibles, personal/home care necessities and weight management solutions. I’m not fully educated on every aspect of QNET’s direct selling MLM model, but I’ve learned that it’s the company’s core engine. With IRs (Independent Representatives) worldwide, it commands a large network. The IRs generates commission-based income based on cumulative sales and networking referrals.

Hedge Fund Billionaire George Soros Thinks 2016 Will Be The Year Of Global Deflation

George Soros may be 85-years-old, but he’s not the kind of guy that enjoys retirement. Soros is one of those guys that will never retire, and why should he? He has built an investment business that is one of the most successful in history, and he has more than 20 foundations around the world that make a difference in the lives of millions of people.

Mr. Soros is the man that predicted the rise in the German Deutsche mark after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and he also predicted the drop in Japanese stocks in that same year, 1989. In other words, George Soros has an incredible track record, and when his 1992 prediction that the British pound would have to be devaluated, and it happened, investors put Soros on a pedestal. Investors know that Soros is serious when he says stock markets around the world will be crucified this year by the Chinese economic situation.

Soros is constantly being interviewed by financial papers and .com sites. Soros recently did an interview with BloomBerg.com. Mr. Soros painted a bleak investment picture for the upcoming year. Soros said that the world’s economy started to crack thanks to China’s economic issues. At the Davos Summit, Soros and other hedge fund managers, said that another financial crisis like the 2008 meltdown is already underway. The sub-prime market is not the culprit this time. It’s the deflation that China is exporting to the rest of the world.

China has the ability to survive the issues that are tearing their economic growth apart. The Chinese have enough money and enough control to withstand the pressure that slow manufacturing and weaker exports is doing to the gross domestic product rate. But the rest of the world is not prepared to take the knocks that the financial backlash from China is creating. China’s decision to lower the value of the yuan against the dollar is creating problems for countries around the world. It may help China’s export business, but other countries are going to suffer because of a stronger dollar.

In another interview with NYBooks.com, Soros said the European Union and the migration issue are also contributing to the uneasiness in financial markets. The EU must resolve the migration issue, and that is a monumental task, according to Soros. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the key figure in finding a resolution, but at this point the German people are not fully supporting her initiatives and countries like Britain are talking about leaving the Union.

Investors around the world are turning to other investment vehicles. The bullion market is experiencing more activity, and gold and silver are on the move upward again. Investors aren’t sure when this current crisis will erupt from its boiling point, but most of them know it’s coming.

The Path That Lead Me to Bruce

Bruce Levenson is a businessman with a strong set of skills and an extremely high amount of motivation to go along with it. This is exactly why he’s is more or less like a role model for me. Not to mention he was the former NBA owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Tell me how anyone could not look up to a man like this? I myself have struggled a few times here and there and I honestly believe it is because I had no one to look up to and I didn’t have a list written out of goals I needed to accomplish. After running across Bruce Levenson on numerous sites and doing my research, he became my main man when it came to motivation. Even Just reading about him gave a boost to my ego.

As I am extremely into blogging and social media, it was no surprise to me that Bruce caught wind of the fact that he was my idol. He started emailing me and subscribed to a few of my personal channels on ucg.com and pages of mine. Everyday I was receiving inspirational feedback from him that gave me the drive to keep moving forward in my life. Every time I had a down moment or a bad week in general, there was Bruce to back me up and get me on my feet again. If it wasn’t for his constant communication with me for those few months, I probably would have given up for a short period of time. Instead, I kept reading through Bruce Levenson’s gracious feedback and remembering why I started on this path in the first place. Now that I a steadier on my feet and not just starting out, I don’t believe I will ever be in the position to want to give up again, ever.

Beneful Leading the Way By Embracing New Technologies

New technologies are leading the way in many industries including the creation of new dog foods that are being developed for the premium dog food market. Manufacturers are using new technologies to further differentiate themselves in the premium dog food market mainly as that is where the money is heading to. Premium dog foods have increased by almost 50% over the last decade and now makes up almost a third of the overall dog food market so it is quite obvious as to why brands are entering into this market. Brands are attacking this market in many ways including offering products that are organic, fresher and of higher quality, or those with similar ingredients and flavors as dog food owners eat. Many of these same product design techniques are used by human food manufacturers and the market for both is crowded with a lot of competition that makes it hard for companies to stand out and innovate in the marketplace. Beneful is leading the way by offering a truly unique product to dog owners. Beneful, a brand owned by Nestle’s Purina, is allowing customers to create specialized dog food blends by creating a unique dog food blend that the owner can design from a technologically advanced online interface. Then, by using modern technologically advanced logistical systems, Beneful is able to provide dog food owners with dog food quickly and efficiently. Beneful is therefore able to deliver a high quality product quickly to dog owners that are designed just for their pet which allows dog owners and their vets to have diets that fit their individual sized and breed of dog which is much better designed to the weight of the dog than a general dog food blend. Further, dogs that have sensitive stomachs or specific allergies can avoid those foods that are causing them with problems by using this service. While other dog food manufacturers are offering unique and high quality products, no other company seems to be embracing new dog food technologies quite like Beneful is. This provides them with a distinct advantage which, when combined with their solid Facebook reputation, allows them to further distance themselves from other manufacturers of dog food.

Status Lab’s Mission in Online Reputation Management

It is a well known fact that those who own a business must keep a professional demeanor at all times. However, this was not demonstrated earlier this month when Hootsuite founder and CEO, Ryan Holmes posted a photo in bad taste after he had laid off several dozen workers earlier in the afternoon. The post that was considered to be in bad taste showed Mr. Holmes holding a drink in his hand with the caption that said “Cheers to my homies”. This particular post on Instagram received several negative comments based around the fact that the photo along with the caption were in poor taste.

This entire fiasco, according to President of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, could have been avoided. Status Labs is a reputation management firm that is dedicated to protecting reputations and making something that is positive out of something that is negative. Status Labs combines PR techniques with digital and social media in order to improve the reputation of any individual.

Status Labs is a new company, yet the company has helped over 1,500 clients that range from being public figures, to politicians, to even executives. The strategy that is used to do this is to use the technique of creating a positive SEO response. engineers and writers that work for Status Labs are constantly writing good reviews and PR on any public figure in order to boost their positive SEO rating.

In this day and age, Status Labs believes that Google is the major web browser that can leave the most positive or the most negative overall impression of an individual. This is why Status Labs uses this to their advantage to spread a overall public opinion through the use of Google. Status Labs creates unique solutions that are tailored to each individual based upon need.

Status Labs can be used to improve online reputations for companies such as the company that is owned by Ryan Holmes. Darius Fisher even commented on this post saying that workers at Status Labs could instantly fix this problem because of the top quality employees and top quality technology.

Ricardo Guimarães Leads BMG To Its Future

Following the move to enter into a partnership with Itau Bank, BMG bank is in the process of creating a more professional management team. This will be achieved through the hiring of industry executives. Over the years, the Pentagna Guimaraes family has been in charge of the leadership of the bank. Now, the family members will join directors and shareholders, leaving the control of the bank in the hands of market professionals.


BMG is aiming at doubling their payroll loan portfolio. With this in mind, there will be various changes at the bank. Alcides Lopes Tapias is bound to take over from Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes as the Board of Directors Chairman. Mr. Lopes has a service history that includes Itau and Bradesco banks. He also serves the Brazilian Federation of Banks as the president. The current chief executive of BMG, Ricardo Annes Guimaraes, will step aside to allow Antonio Hermann to take over as chief executive of the bank. Hermann served as the president of the Brazilian Association of Banks and also at the National Association of Credit Institutions as the director.


Hermann went on to express his optimism and confidence in the potential of BMG bank. He stated that the bank had shown a commendable trajectory over 80 years of operation. He went on to add that the only way to move forward was to ensure BMG maintained its position as a leader in the provision of consigned credit.


Before assuming office, the names of the two executives have to be approved by the board of shareholders as well as by the Central Bank. Due to this, it is not known the exactly when the two will assume office.


Among the strategies that the new executives are seeking to employ is the expansion BMG’s payroll loan portfolio. With the joint venture with Itau, BMG seeks to get a bigger share of the market. The joint venture, Itau BMG Payroll Bank, aims at providing supply and distribution for payroll loans. They also plan on aggressively marketing the loans.


Ricardo Guimaraes is the President of BMG. Mr. Guimaraes hails from among the richest families of Minas Gerais. Under his leadership, BMG bank has continued to be among the top banks in the whole of Latin America. The bank offers low-interest rates, making it a popular choice for many.


More information about Guimaraes can be found here.


The original article can be found here.


Global Financial Services Firm Solo Capital


Solo Capital is a boutique investment, proprietary trading and consulting firm based in London of the United Kingdom. The firm is registered in both England and Wales as Outperform Capital LtD. The firm offers a number of services that set it apart form other trading and investment firms in the United Kingdom. Solo Capital offers proprietary trading, consulting and also professional sports investments. These niche markets help the firm meet the needs of its intended client base as well as helping them establish themselves as one of the more successful financial companies in all of Europe.

One of the main functions of Solo Capital is proprietary trading. This is a form of trading that entails the buying and selling of assets such as foreign exchange currencies, commodities and derivatives. With foreign exchange trading, Solo Capital is able to buy and sell currencies from a number of countries worldwide and profit from it. This is one of the more lucrative forms of trading in the economy. Another form of trading that Solo Capital participates in is commodities. This entails buying and selling items such as gold, silver, copper, tin, wheat and oil. Trading commodities is also a very profitable form of trading.

Another service that Solo Capital offers is consulting. With consulting, Solo Capital helps companies on investment performance and human capital. Investment performance entails going over investments and finding ones that are the most profitable for an organization. The firm also helps with human capital which assesses talent and gives companies advice on who to hire for positions. These two services are among the more beneficial because they help businesses improve on and realize their full potential as well as finding ways to maximize their available resources.

The firm Solo Capital offers one of the more unique services around. This particular set of services is professional sports investments. With this particular service, Solo Capital helps with tasks such as talent acquisition, commercial advisory & representation, and also asset and performance management. Talent acquisition consists of finding professionals who are best suited for positions and getting them to join the sports organization. With commercial advisory & representation, Solo Capital will help promote the sports organizations image and help it make deals with endorsers. Lastly asset and performance management will help sports organizations manage their financial assets to ensure financial stability as well as make sure that they are consistently reaching their goals.

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Tips for Finding a Great Dog Food Brand

When you are looking on Wikipedia to switch brands of dog food, it can sometimes be confusing to know which one is best for your beloved family dog. There are so many products and brands on the market, that it can be quite confusing to find one that is perfect for your dog’s every meal. One of the most important things to remember about your dog is that he needs a great quality dog food that is sure to lend to his health and overall vitality. Without a proper diet, your dog might lack energy and generally have a dull coat that does not look healthy at all. One of the best dog food brands available on shelves at the current moment is known as Beneful. Beneful is a great brand that you will find helps your dog to feel and look his absolute best. There are so many benefits to choosing Beneful that it can be quite easy to know that this is the brand for you. One of the best things about Beneful is the fact that it is cheaper than many of the other high-end dog food brands out there. This makes it a prime choice for dog owners who happen to be on a budget. You will also notice that there is a lot of science behind the brand known as Beneful. This is because the makers of Beneful have put their research into finding only the very best ingredients that will help your dog to feel its best. You will notice that there are a variety of products within this brand line to choose from, making it quite easy for you to get one that is right for you and makes your dog feel great. Now that you know a bit about Beneful and the fact that your dog needs a great brand of dog food, it is important that you look into making the switch and getting rid of some of the other lesser quality brands that you have been using. Your dog will do so much better on a brand that is of high quality.

Jon Urbana Says That Life is About More Than One Interest

Most people pick one profession and live it most of their lives. People identify with their chosen profession, and they are usually absorbed by it. They identify with what they do and how they do it. One profession is usually enough for most people, but Denver native Jon Urbana is different. Jon is active in several professions, and he excels in each one of them.

Jon’s blog bio says that he identified his first love in a Denver high school. It wasn’t a pretty young woman. It was playing lacrosse. Jon went on to play Lacrosse and tennis in high school, and when the time came for college, Jon knew exactly where he wanted to go. Jon left Denver to study at Villanova University in Philadelphia. At Villanova Jon became one of the leaders of the Lacrosse team. Urbana is known as one of the best Lacrosse players ever to play at Villanova.
Urbana returned to Denver after college, and he decided to start a Lacrosse camp for kids that wanted to learn the sport. The Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Denver is known for helping young athletes learn the basics of the sport. Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp is well-known in the Denver area, and so is Jon Urbana.

When Urbana started a CrowdRise fund to help adopt cats in the Denver area, no one was surprised. Jon started the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a non-profit organization that is helping alleviate the senseless act of euthanizing healthy cats in the Denver area.
But Jon didn’t stop there. Urbana started another GoFundMe fund to help preserve the natural beauty that surrounds Denver. Charitable causes are a focal point in Jon’s life, but Urbana also has a passion for photography and MP3s of his music.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Some people in the Denver have called Jon Urbana a “Renaissance Man” that cares about the environment, animals and living life to its fullest. No one can dispute the fact that Urbana is just getting started. The contributions he is making now will have a positive impact on the world in the future.

This video shares more about Jon’s life.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Health Care Companies for improved healthcare

Healthcare is a process involving the diagnosing, treating and prevention of diseases, physical and mental disorders and illnesses. Those who provide these services are drawn from the wide medical field and include nurses, doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and midwives among many others. Provision of healthcare is so far among the most expensive sectors in any nations as it requires high funding to ensure quality. In developed countries where most sectors are still struggling and budgets on a tight demand on insidertradingreport.org, giving healthcare the attention it deserves is almost always impossible making provision of this essential service a big problem. Therefore, private investors put up healthcare companies to supplements what is provided in government hospitals.

Athas Health and Nobilis Healthcare merged to form a strong Health Care Corporation, the Nobilis Healthcare Corporation so as to provide cheap surgery options to those who need them and also increase the number of surgery facilities. The corporations main focus is to improve access to health care and patient’s outcome by providing minimally invasive procedures possible to be carried out in outpatient settings and at low cost. The corporation partners with qualified medical practitioners and together, they develop and manage ambulatory facilities and acute care centers. Nobilis Health has a number of healthcare facilities strewn in Arizona and Texas, ambulatory surgery centers, MRI centers, a surgical hospital and an urgent care centre. Apart from a wide variety of state of the art healthcare facilities, they work in collaboration with board-certified surgeons picked from the fields of expertise related to the services offered by the corporation. Nobilis Health on nobilishealth.com Corporation provides spine, orthopedic and general surgeries in addition to otolaryngology, podiatry and gastrointestinal scopes. The corporation is not only known for providing quality medical healthcare services at low costs but also for satisfying their patients and aid collaborations of different medical practitioners.

There are many other health care companies apart from Nobilis Heath Corporation in existence that offer surgery services to those who need them and at cheap prices for that matter. In relation to that, there are many healthcare companies which provide health care services in other areas such as emergency health services, provision of medicine for vaccination and treatment which is done by pharmaceutical companies. Other healthcare companies include health insurance companies, health clubs among others. These healthcare companies cannot work single-handedly to improve the health standards and thus coexistence is core. Working together, they can ensure that the whole process of healthcare is efficiently carried out.