Wessex Institute of Technology

Do you want to have a great career? One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is to work with a company that truly cares about you. Over the long term, a lot of people have had success in life working with a great company that wants to develop employees. The Wessex Institute of Technology is a great company that wants to help other people in a variety of areas. Not only that, but this is a company that is starting to invest in the lives of people in the local community. If you are ready to start building a future, this is the way to go. Not only that, but the Wessex Institute of Technology can help you reach your financial goals that you have set for yourself in a number of ways. Now is the time to try and join this growing and great company that can help you with your career goals.

Clay Siegall the Researcher Heading Seattle Genetics a Leading developer of Cancer Therapies

Clay Siegall is a trained medical practitioner and a researcher with a keen interest in developing therapies for cancer and other ailments. He is the brain behind Seattle Genetics a firm that conducts scientific research on drugs and innovations that can cure major illnesses. Dr. Clay Siegall formed the research institute in 1998, and it has been very impactful to patients all over the world. Dr. Clay holds a bachelor of science in zoology, and he also possesses a Ph.D. George Washington University. Clay Siegall is a committee member of two leading biotechnology firms, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder Bio-Pharmaceuticals.

Clay Siegel began his career in the medical field in 1988, and the first company he worked for was National Institute of Health. He later got a job at Bristol-Meyers Squib. The experience he acquired from this companies motivated him to form his company, and this is how he has managed to run Seattle Genetics. Most medical practitioners in the world are employed throughout their lifetime, but Dr. Clay Siegall decided to be exceptional and formed his firm.

Clay Siegall has worked in drug development laboratories for over 20 years, but he was not able to accomplish his mission on cancer drugs development. Though Seattle Genetics conducts research on many ailments, they have a particular focus on developing cancer drugs. Since inception, the firm has been in the forefront in the fight against cancer that has claimed so many lives across the world. Clay Siegall has held different senior positions in the company from the Chief Scientific Officer, President, Executive Vice President, and he now holds the Chief Executive Officer post. Through clay Siegel leadership Seattle Genetics has manufactured drugs which have been approved by FDA. Therapies from his firm are highly efficient and affordable.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a very vibrant blog which uses to share insights with medics all over the world on how to treat various illnesses and improve lives. His latest blog had a lot of information on the importance sea foods and how to select the best from the seas. Seattle Genetics has grown, and many investors are joining Clay Siegall. Dr. Clay’s firm could shortly develop the best drugs for cancer that have mild side effects to the patients. Clay Siegall remains focused to make cancer therapy affordable to every patient all over the world.

Life Line Screening: What We’re Offering Could Save Your Life

Ultrasound screenings. Finger-stick blood screenings. Electrocardiograph scans.

Each of these health screenings could help you prevent disease. Or keep a current disease from becoming more serious. Or even save your life.

Life Line Screening is a unique organization that for nearly a quarter of a century has been providing preventative community-based screening events direct to the consumer in neighborhoods across the United States.

The wide array of health screenings offered are safe, non-invasive, fast and pain-free. Life Line Screening’s rigorously trained technicians utilize the same caliber of top-tier equipment found in hospitals and all results are analyzed by board-certified physicians. These results are designed to be shared between you and your doctor, with the ultimate goal of furnishing you both with a marker for your overall health. In this way any treatment deemed necessary may be initiated and lifestyle changes can be undertaken before serious health problems develop.

The dedicated health care professionals at Life Line Screening fully understand the concerns regarding the quality of preventive public health screenings. This is exactly why we as an entire organization have taken every measure to ensure our screenings are of the highest quality. And while no test can ever be guaranteed 100% accurate regardless of who is performing the screening, our results are consistently comparable to those you would receive in an accredited hospital vascular lab.

We ask that you please be aware that Life Line Screening services are not covered by Medicare, nor do we file insurance claims or refer to any physician’s group or hospital facility.

We at Life Line Screening sincerely hope to see you at one of our community events in your area very soon. Until then, here’s to your health!

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Miami Beach Real Estate Professional Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in international business at Hofstra University, New York. He also completed studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam in International Finance and International Marketing. He also attended Harvard University and studied Executive Education in Real Estate and Capital Markets.

Samuel Strauch began his illustrious career in the banking industry. Later, he became a key part of his family Real Estate business in Southern Florida. He launched his own company,  Metrik Real Estate, in 2002 in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. With its headquarters in South Beach, Florida, Metrik Real Estate incorporates a number of successful enterprises into one seamlessly integrated platform. This platforms focuses on management, real estate brokerage, equity sourcing and development in southern Florida. Samuel Strauch is also a primary investor in a number of other internet and restaurant businesses.

Recently, the firm has expanded their business into Latin American countries. Both Samuel Stauch and his dedicated team have been deeply involved with Mexican nationals who want to invest, as well as diversify their capital in US real estate, namely in the Miami real estate market.

Bringing his real estate clients and international investors together, Samuel Strauch created a powerful and successful business based on strengthening these relationships. He believes that his success is the direct result of forging new business relationships and inspiring new ideas. He also believes that this business philosophy has helped to expand his client base and create trust between his clients, brokers, investors, partners and his colleagues in the industry.

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The Perks of Joining MB2 Dental

What does it take for a dentist to help you achieve a perfect smile? It takes more than meets the eye. Other than technologically advanced equipment and a qualified dentist, good management is instrumental. Otherwise, your dentist might not have the peace and harmony to give you proper treatment. If you have a dentistry and is having trouble managing your practice while concentrating on treating your patients, you don’t have to worry. Today, you can become affiliated to a management contractor and have everything coordinated for you. If you do not have a referral to a reputable company, consider MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is a dentistry management firm that offers management services to dental practices.


How MB2 Dental Works

MB2 Dental work by providing you with a team of experts to fill various functions in your company. They will get you both crowd and in-house professionals to take care of matters such as finances, accounting, human resources and everything else that you need to run your firm efficiently and acquire more clients. MB2 Dental will help you decrease the cost of running your practice and increase your revenues. This is because, they help you concentrate on your core business, which is treating customers. As such, you are able to satisfy your clients- If clients are happy, they will definitely refer their friends and family to you.


Perks of Joining MB2 Dental


MB2 Dental is a dental management company that was established by dentists for dentists. The founders of the company had for a long time seen the struggle that one goes through when trying to work as an independent dental practice. Having being in that situation themselves, they understand your struggles perfectly and know just what you need to thrive as an independent dental practice.



One of the major issues affecting the success of dental practices is failure to comply with the local, state and nation laws and the lack of commitment to company policies. MB2 Dental comes in and ensure that employees comply with the practice and government laws.


Saves You Time and Money

MB2 Dental saves you a lot of time and money. They conduct recruitment’s on your behalf. They get you the best talent, interview them and coach the best: Preparing them to work for you. They also help in the accounting and managing of your finances so no money is stolen or misused.

Eric Lefkofsky: The Master Mind behind Tempus

Tempus, a data based cancer fighting team, is pairing up with the University of Chicago to better treat patients with breast cancer. The partnership was announced on March 16th, 2017. The primary goal is to better assist breast cancer specialists with creating custom treatment protocols by analyzing molecular sequencing and other data sources. The Tempus company will provide data from roughly 1,000 individuals with breast cancer and provide this information to researchers so that they may discover patterns that will help them estimate how an individual will react to treatment.

Tempus and the University of Chicago have high hopes that the operation will result in more effective treatment for individual patients.Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, the dean for global health at the University has recognized the scarcity of data on the several millions of patients plagued with breast cancer. This holds true despite breast cancer being the most common form of the disease. He has stated that this causes doctors to administer general treatment methods due to a lack of specific genetic information. This causes treatments to become less effective. Tempus will assist these professionals in making more targeted treatment plans in hopes of obtaining a better outcome.

The University of Chicago is Tempus’ most recent partnership. It is currently working with a few other university medical centers across the nation such as the University of Chicago and Penn medicine. The Mayo Clinic has also teamed up with the company. Tempus was founded just 2 years ago in 2015 and is currently based right in Chicago.Eric Lefkofsky is the master mind behind Tempus. He is also the co-founder of the online coupon company Groupon, Lightbank and Drivin. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and received his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School.

In 2006, Lefkofsky and his wife launched a charity trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation, to help fund scientific and educational organizations around the globe. With the primary focus being children, it has helped over 50 organizations to date. Currently Eric Lefkofsky has a net worth of almost 2 billion dollars. He is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital as well and continues to play an active role in philanthropy and other business ventures.


The Extent A Customer Could Go With A Company’s Reputation

A customer can easily destroy a company’s reputation. A growing number of companies are beginning to realize this fact. However, there is more to it than just a review appearing on the search results. There are many other things a customer can do in order to bring down the reputation of a company. As a matter of fact, a customer could go a lot further than just writing a bad review. If the customer feels the need to expose the bad business practices of a company, then he will write reviews on as many reputable sites as he can find. He will also write blog posts and can even write on forums in order to make sure that word gets out.

All of this sounds scary for businesses of many sizes because of the potential for huge losses. These days, it is important for people to make sure that they are going to be able to solve any issue that comes up. When one treats the other with disregard, then this is going to likely result in some kind of backlash. A lot of the businesses can’t afford the fallout that could come with the bad reviews. This is why it is important for company owners to have some kind of way to make sure that their online reputation is taken care of.

Fortunately, if businesses can be organized about it, then they can manage their reputation. Fortunately, all that needs to be done in order to manage this is to look at their online reputation. This can be done by tracking every mention of the company. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a tool that is able to track every mention. The best types of tools will be able to indicate the weight of each mention.


Desiree Perez Enjoys What She Does

There are very few people who overcome a lot of adversity and develop a toughness that is required to take on the industry. Desiree Perez has developed this toughness. She has dealt with a lot of the rough things that the streets throw at her. As a result, she has been able to handle some of the tougher aspects of the hip hop industry. For one thing, she has developed a passion for the industry because of it being a platform for people to tell their story. She has been able to make a lot of events happen. At the same time, she has managed to start a few businesses and services. One of which is Tidal.  Check this on musicbusinessworldwide.com


Tidal is the service that offers people the chance to listen to what is hot. At the same time, Tidal also connects people to special events with artists. People are also able to enjoy some of the new artists with Tidal discover. Desiree Perez is in the Hova circle of influence which includes Jay Z. Jay Z is impressed with how well she works in the industry. He is also impressed with all of the situations she has overcome because she does not cower in fear.  Billboard.com has this.

See this site.

One thing that Dez shows is that people who overcome a lot are able to handle business success. She approaches her work with a positive mindset that ensures success in anything that is attempted. She has worked with many big stars such as Rihanna with the Rihanna Samsung event. She has been involved in plenty of other events that have sold out and been hits. For one thing, she knows that there is no time for one to be insecure about oneself. The industry knows how to prey on those insecurities. As a result, it will eat the weak up.

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Igor Cornelsen Sharing His Vast Experience and Knowledge in Investment

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment advisor. This South Florida native is particularly passionate about investments in Brazil which is his home country. This very successful investment expert currently works for Brainbridge Investment Inc. which is based in Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen works by developing creative strategies to take advantage of the stock market for future success. Through him, stock market investors are able to conduct profitable business by avoiding damaged stock.

When Igor Cornelsen is not working at Brainbridge, he is sharing his vast experience and knowledge, in investment, with upcoming entrepreneurs. You will find his investment tips being featured by publications such as PRNewswire and CNBC. 50% of Cornelsen’s time is spent in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is mostly there encouraging and advising investors on profitable investments in Brazil. Here are some investment tips from Igor Cornelsen.

Start Now

If you have a great idea, the time to invest is now. Do not wait for later. You will end up regretting that you had started earlier. Starting now will give you ample time to fail and pick yourself up when you are still energetic on Crunchbase.

Get to the Ground and Do Your Research

If you want to invest in Brazil, it pays to do your research by talking to the locals rather than researching on the internet. Researching on the internet is not the best way on icrowdnewswire.com. There might be so many resources but most people who write those articles have actually not been to the country in a very long time. Instead of being misguided, just invest some time and money and speak with some Brazilians who already have businesses there. Brazilians are generally inviting and friendly people and they will be more than willing to share with you what they think of the market at https://about.me/igorcornelsen1.

Understand the Rules and Regulations

Being on the wrong side of the law of a foreign country can be a very big set-back. It is important that investors do their research and identify the rule and regulation that govern their industry. Also, be ready to be faced with a lot of bureaucracy.

Whitney Wolfe Marks New Trend in App Dating

It has been stated that Whitney Wolfe is the person that helped start Tinder. It has been said that this company might not even exist if Wolfe did not help but starting this company. There was another app that was in place before Tinder was started call Cardify, but this app did not really reach audiences the way that the creators assumed it would. It was only when Whitney Wolfe got on board that the creation of Tinder became a possibility.

This shows that there was a certain spark there she had that was valuable and making dating apps come to life. Whitney Wolfe was someone that managed to gain the attention for putting together a new way for people to meet one another through smart devices. The Bumble app that Wolfe created feels the void that was found in the dating world. So many women have stated that they continue to get messages from people that they may not necessarily be interested in communicating with. With the Bumble app, there is a level of power that women get from utilizing this dating app. If they come across someone that they are not interested in they have the ability to get rid of this man’s messages, and users will not have to worry about seeing anymore unwanted messages.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she is not the common dating app entrepreneur. She has shown the world that there is so much more in store from what she started. Tinder was obviously her starting point, but Bumble marks a new era in dating that had not been explored just yet. She opened the door to new ground, and it is almost certain that she will become a trend setter through the work that she has done with this new innovative app.

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