Shygan Kheradpir Achievements in Business and Technology

Shygan Kheradpir Jupiter networks CEO, is a holder of bachelors and master’s degree in the field of electrical engineering from Cornell University. He was born in London but attended Aiglon College in Switzerland for high school education. Shaygan started his career at GTE Corporation. He is known through his contribution in the development of Verizon FiOS. Verizon refers to telephone, bundled internet access and television that used fiber optic communication.In the year 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic merged forming verizon communications a bigger company that dealt with information technology.

Shaygan first served as the Verizon e-business division president according to, before being appointed to become the CIO at the same company. He managed to lead a team of seven thousand people in the development of IT systems. During his tenure at Verizon, Shaygan contributed to the diversity of the company telecommunication services.His knowledge in technology makes him beneficial to most of the companies he has worked for. Shaygan has innovated and connected multiple industries globally through building mission driven teams in accomplishing company’s goals at the different levels he has worked. Kheradpir worked in the following areas at Verizon; software system management, network routing, wireless networking, and control level. He later moved to the company headquarters at Dallas where he led development projects that entailed information and units of GTE wire lines. Shaygan came up with the idea of forming small teams in the company that were given the responsibility of developing new technology ideas in the market.

In the year 2003, Shaygan managed to come up with iobi which was used to manage callers’ IDs, address books and other services that featured across devices. Shaygan managed to achieve different goals in Verizon Company. Some of these achievements include; the outsourcing of programmers at a lower price, the company managed to reduce its budget by two percent, development of FiOS which used the fiber optic, reduction of staff by 27 percent and vendor purchase by 30 percent. Verizon communications managed to come up with a combination of modem, router, a phone and a portable device. The reengineering that happened in this company was part of the efforts put by Shaygan’s administration through the different divisions. These reengineering involved Verizon core systems which included; website, automated customer systems and a call center. The integration of systems which were initially separated (NYNEX and Bell Atlantic) was also achieved during Shaygan tenure at Verizon communications. In the year 2011, Shaygan joined Barclays acting as the Global Retail and Business Bank chief operating officer. The development of Pingit software which entailed mobile payment was one of his contributions at Barclays. Kheradpir eventually reported to Antony Jenkins after he was promoted to Chief Technology and Operations Officer.

Shaygankheradpir became the chief executive officer of Jupiter Networks in the year 2014. On appointment, Shaygan launched an integrated plan in the company, a plan that aligned with recommendations of the investors and helped to reduce company’s expenses as well increasing dividends. Shaygan says that he believes in focusing around customers and disciplined execution of business fundamentals.

Beneful Is Beneficial In Every Way

Dogs are some of the most active creatures out there. It seems like they are always doing something. They’re running, playing, roaming around, and constantly being active. Pet owners can attest to this. Most dogs aren’t just content to just lay there. They want to always be doing something. All of these activities use up energy. Beneful at sometimes it’s amazing to look at all the energy a pup seems to have! There are some out there that never seem to slow down. What some owners fail to realize is that this energy needs to come from somewhere. Dogs don’t just materialize this energy out of thin air. They get this energy from the food they consume. That’s why it’s important to constantly be aware of what a dog is eating to ensure that it’s getting proper nutrition.

Luckily, there is a way to alleviate some of this worry! Owners who feed their dogs Beneful can be rest assured that their pup is getting everything that it needs. That’s because Beneful has come up with a formula that works. An expert team has put together the wholesome ingredients that a dog needs. These ingredients come together to provide the proper nutrition for a pup in a variety of different ways. For one, Beneful helps a dog to have a healthy coat. This means that a dogs fur is shiny, it’s full, and it’s not constantly shedding. Beneful helps dogs to have strong teeth. This is an important characteristic in show dogs and regular dogs alike. Strong teeth help a dog to survive because that’s how they consume the food that they need. Beneful also helps a dog have strong bones. Strong bones are the key to a healthy life. That’s because dogs are such active creatures. They love running and going for walks. Beneful ensures that they should be able to do those activities for years to come. Overall, Beneful is really great for a dogs health.

Owners choose Beneful because it’s affordable. Often, grocery stores have shelves piled with over-expensive food that just doesn’t do what it claims to do when it comes to a dogs health. That’s not the case with Beneful. Beneful also provides options. There is a flavor for almost every dogs pallet. There is also different textures for pups to enjoy as well. Beneful comes in the wet and dry form as well as treats. Beneful also has specific formulas. The food an owner chooses depends completely on the individual dog. There is specifically formulated type for older dogs and one for younger dogs. The Purina brand cares about what animals are consuming and that’s what is key.

Handy Home Cleaning Service Helped me Regain Cleanliness and Order

As a busy full-time employee, wife and mother of two wonderful children, I often find myself very frustrated with the inability to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of my home. My daily schedule goes like this; I am usually awake by 6:00 a.m., and I drop my children off to school and I arrive to my job by 8 o’clock. After my work day is over, I arrive to my house by 5:15 p.m. I spend time with my children and I spend time with my husband when he gets home from work and I cook dinner. After we eat, watch a little T.V. and put the children to bed the only thing that I want to do is take a long hot shower and go to sleep. I normally sleep for around 7 hours per night and I get up bright and early and start the cycle all over again.

I am very grateful for my life and my family; therefore, I have very little to complain about. However, the single thing that annoys me the most is the fact that I cannot successfully manage my daily schedule while trying to keep my house clean. I have tried to make the weekends family clean up time, but in all honesty it seems like our weekends are more busy than our weekdays.

I came to the conclusion that I will never be able to find the time to keep my house clean and that it will be a dirty mess for the rest of my life. Fortunately, a good friend of mine suggested that I should hire someone to clean my house. Initially, the thought of hiring a stranger to come into my home and do my housework sounded appalling. However, when I looked around one day and realized that my situation will never change without outside help; it was then that I realized that I should do some more research into the matter.

I am the type of person that considers myself an internet search guru. I have developed a great ability to search and validate any topic, product or service. So, I figured why not put my internet search skills to good use and find a reputable and safe home cleaning company. After about a week of searching, I finally hit the jackpot. I came across Handy on techcrunch, which is a home cleaning and repair service that operates just like Uber. Essentially, Handy offers an app that allows me to schedule one of their employees to come to my home and clean it. The only requirement that they have is that I must schedule a cleaning appointment in no less than 24 hours in advance.

I was sold with the Handy cleaning service because the company conducts an in-depth background check on all of their employees, and they pay their employees a very good wage. The company also offers replacement services in the event that one of their workers accidentally damages an item in my home.

Currently, I have been using the Handy home cleaning service for over 8 months, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions that I have made in recent years. The employees are friendly, hardworking people who are extremely professional; now, my home remains clean, organized and beautiful, which my entire family enjoys and appreciates.

Harvard’s Single, Greatest Investor

Kenneth Griffin is the world’s leading hedge fund investor with a knack for making very accurate predictions in regards to the stock market. When he was just a young student at Harvard University, he was given $200,000 from his friends and family to start his first hedge fund. In his dorm room, he installed a satellite, fax machine along with a computer to trade stocks in real-time. Ken Griffin quickly increased his family and friends money by three times. He knew then that he would become an expert hedge fund manager if given a chance.

Eventually, he would receive money from Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC’s personal fund to invest into the market on a trial basis. He took his money and increased the value of his initial investment in excess of two times. When Griffin returned the money to Frank C. Meyer, he immediately saw that Griffin had an inevitable talent for investing and that he should venture into the world of hedge fund management on a more permanent basis.

Eventually, Griffin decided to start his Citadel fund on He began with $4.5 million investment fund, in only eight years of building a remarkable reputation was he able to acquire over $1 billion into his investment fund, making him one of the largest hedge funds on the market.

His ability to predict the market correctly is partly because of his extensive knowledge that he quickly gained as a Harvard University student studying economics. He understands the core behavior of humans and can quickly and easily predict them as well as the markets behavior quite accurately.

Eventually, in 1999, his hedge fund grew to over $1 billion and in 2012, he was named one of America’s most successful people, raking in a little over $3 billion in just one year.
After his feature in Forbes Magazine, he had gained the notoriety of millionaires all around the world looking to invest their money. He very quickly built his hedge fund to one that is worth over $25 billion. Today, his company Citadel’s trades equal than 6% of all trades that are car on Wall Street.

Eventually, in 2015, he reached an estimate of $7 billion in net worth, making him one of the richest men in the world.

He has quite a taste for art, as evident in his desire to purchase some of the world’s finest masterpieces ever created. His art collection is staggering, with paintings from Picasso, Paul Cézanne and Jasper Johns that line his walls, he is one of the world’s most active art collectors.

Along with his art collection, he has become a seasoned philanthropist. His venture with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is most notable, where they built a charter school in Chicago called Woodlawn High School that helps inner-city youth achieve a higher education. His donations to the Children’s Memorial Hospital, University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center and Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center are absolutely astounding.

With his $200 million contribution to Harvard Universities scholarship endowment fund, he is known as Harvard’s single, greatest investor.

Guiding principles

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that dignity and equal and unalienable rights of all humans is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. These rights are moral principles or norms that are protected under municipal and international law. These right are awarded without regard to race, religion, language or any other status. The basic ideas of the Declaration of Human Rights developed after the Holocaust. It was adopted after WWII in Paris, by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948.
Although there are laws and doctrines to uphold human rights for all people, not all people are treated humanely. You may recognize the name of Martin Luther King as a civil rights leader and human rights activists. Some other names you might be familiar with are Hillary Clinton, Victor Hugo or Michael Bolton. Angelina Jolie has also been in the news as a human rights activist in Africa. A name you may not know is Yeonmi Park. She is another human rights activist and North Korean defector. Only 21 years old Yeonmi is the face and voice of the oppressed North Korean people. Yeonmi was born in 1993 to a family of midlevel civil servants. At the time Kim Jong-Il was in power. She was taught to trust no one. She grew up being taught to worship her leader and to hate any enemies of Kim Jong-Il’s regime. She witnessed her best friend’ s mother shot by a firing squad for committing only a minor crime. Yeonmi was first introduced to the concept of freedom when she watched a smuggled video of the movie “Titanic.” She realized by watching that film, that people actually would die for love, instead of the regime.
In 2002 her father was arrested for smuggling gold and silver to the Chinese. He was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp where he was tortured and became very ill. In order to survive she and her family fled to China in 2007. Her father was able to join them but succumbed to colon cancer soon after.
For over two years Yeonmi and her family endured terrible hardships. Her mother was raped and her sister was lost. Finally on a freezing night she and her mother were able to cross the border into Mongolia and seek refuge in a South Korean Embassy.
Yeonmi is determined to help put an end to such a harsh regime as Kim Jong-Il’s. A group of young people like herself have started the “Black Market Generation” whose presence and persistence is eroding the North Korean Dynasty.
Yeonmi has been featured on a TV program called North Korea Today, where she was co host with an anchor named Casey Lartigue. She recorded 7 episodes where she spoke about women’s rights and other controversial issues.
Yeonmi is in the process of writing a book about her journey, soon to be published by Penguin Books.

Skout and Nixter merger might just keep the party going for its users

What is Skout? Skout is the technologically advanced mobile network app for meeting new people. It is widely used globally as a meeting ground and guide to make new friends with similar interests for party goers everywhere. It is not a dating site, it is a networking site to connect all around the world for nightlife and live events. It is the newest incredible social networking app that has recently been backed by substantial $22 million from its investors including Andreessen Horowitz, the investor recently known to also acquire the new app nightlife app Nixter. Skout Nixter is an app that helps you to connect with strangers around the globe, while Nixter’s platform lets you find upcoming nightlife events in whatever city you choose. You can buy tickets, see guest lists or upgrade to VIP all with the swipe of the finger with the app Nixster. Skout will get party goers together, while Nixster will work out the details. The marriage of the two apps together will keep the party going all night long. A novel new idea that just might be perfect for everyone involved.

The company Nixter was co-founded by developers Francisco Saez and Christian Wiklund in Santiago Chile. It now has expanded its bases to Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Nixter was developed mostly in part due to angel funding on, generated from a group of angel investors in its country of origin, Chile. The amount paid for the new app was not fully disclosed. The deal was paid for with a mixture of valuable stocks and cash. It is known that there has been strong competition before a deal was set in stone between the two companies. With viable bids from a considerable number of other new apps including the app WillCall, which also largely focuses on live events.

Saez says the company weighed a considerable amount of different options before settling on a deal with Skout. They initially worried about a loss of fundamental power and autonomy until they started talking with Skout. With Skout backing them up, Nixter will keep some of its independence that it holds so dear. An important and integral element of consideration to the developers at Nixter. Although it will be heavily integrated into Skout, it has been decided that Nixter will keep a separate app and branding. Skout hit profitability six months ago and is gaining popularity. The new app sells points in its own virtual currency redemption system that can be used to unlock unique new features like the capability to see who has looked you up. Together the apps will seek to continue making profitability and connections in a globally united market.

I originally read about this merger on the website A site that brings you all the newest news in the world of technology.

Impact of Stephen Murray on CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was the CCMP Capital president and also the CEO for many years before his death at the age of 52. He was the founding partner of the CCMP Capital, and he was known to be incredible investors who spend most of his career in private equity. CCMP on, which was formerly known as the JP Morgan Partners, decided to change its name in 2006 after spinning it off as a private business. Stephen Murray was a pioneer in this industry when he joined JP Morgan’s merchant bank. He was able to help it build a large private equity business.

The firm specializes in the buyout and the advancement of the equity investments in the North America and European countries. The company is also concerned with the provision of estate diversification and provides real solutions to founder-owned businesses. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital deals in the management of buyouts, taking the public companies private, assisting in making the developing businesses grows, and equalizing over levered capital structures.

The firm’s expertise is due to its direct product of significant transaction experience in various targeted sectors. CCMP Capital has invested in the industries for an extended period. The investment includes the several industry business cycles and the market conditions that are widely varying. The firm’s broad understanding of the issues and also the opportunities within the industries has led to the establishment of the business as a partner of choice by managers. The managers are in charge of various portfolios in several sectors such as consumer, industrial, healthcare, and energy.

CCMP Capital has in the recent past invested billions of dollars in consumer and retail companies over many years in various sub sectors. The sub sectors include specialty retail, service business, information service, mass channel supply, and multi-channel marketing. The firm has also invested in industrial companies such as manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, and industrial service subsectors.

In healthcare businesses, the company has invested in various subsectors such as the providers of the vital healthcare service, medical product distributors, managed care organization, and the specialty product companies. CCMP Capital has done significant investments in energy companies over a period of 25 years in the sub sector including exploration and production, midstream services, power, and oilfield service. CCMP Capital’s operating experts do collaborate with the managers of every portfolio company so as to come up with a design and be able to support the execution of a detailed value creation plans.

Atlanta Hawks Lettering Redesigned After Bruce Levenson Sale

The Atlanta Hawks have undergone a wide range of changes to the organization in the last few months, despite ending the last season as the number one seed in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Hawks fans have become excited about the changes that have affected the front office, uniforms and the court side at Philips Arena. The sale of the Hawks by the Bruce Levenson led Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium to billionaire Tony Ressler has seen the new owner seek to place his own stamp on the franchise. The Hawks have now unveiled a new logo for their jerseys and for the area surrounding the court, which will see a modern update for the team in bold and colorful lettering.

Tony Ressler took control of the Hawks from Bruce Levenson after the Maryland based businessperson decided the time was right to sell the franchise after a decade in charge in Atlanta. Levenson has reached a position where he has spent a large amount of the last few years concentrating on his charitable work, which has included providing a large amount of fund raising for the newly opened Center for Non Profit Leadership and Philanthropy at the University of Maryland. The sale of the Hawks comes after the Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium headed by Levenson took the franchise from the bottom of the standings upon taking control in 2004 to the top seed position in the Eastern Conference by the close of the 2014 regular season.

Hawks fans became intrigued about the new lettering and logo styles for both uniforms and the areas surrounding the court within Philips Arena after the release of a new basketball based video game. A short trailer features Hawks Kyle Korver shooting a three pointer, which saw a new lime green and red uniform lettering and number style revealed for the historic franchise. Alongside the new uniform style comes a new court side design in the same colors, which is based on a black base color surrounding the court at Philips Arena. The lettering is based on a feather style font that provides a modern update on the logo and lettering used by the 1958 NBA Champions.

Handy Home Cleaning Services – What to Learn

Cleaning a house thoroughly has become so important, in fact, that prospective tenants and buyers consider it as a primary factor in home selection. If you are into cleaning the house for any purpose, you will be happy to know that professional cleaning service like Handy Home Cleaning Services are just a call away.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to read books on a cozy and clean floor or play with children effortlessly in a cleanly organized toy room? Imagine coming to a clean and refreshing home after a day long work. Picture your family watching a Saturday night movie in a non-cluttered comfy couch. These scenarios demonstrate that a home can be highly organized, functional and at the same time clean through professional help.

Besides the basic of Handy cleaning, today’s professional house cleaning services offer a wide range of services including, upholstery and rug cleaning. An organized and well-cleaned home can include space for special pursuits and hobbies as well along with daily activities. When the house is clean, a home office may find a space in the kitchen too. The place to start is with what all the elements need to be cleaned. Your professional cleaners will come at your doorstep with an estimate for the things you want to be cleaned. These include floors, stairs, patios, carpets, bathroom, tiles, counter-tops, ovens and much else. A well cleaned home will improve the quality of the time you spend in your home. With this in mind, remember that selecting the right professional is as important as the cleaned house itself.

Professionals need to be interviewed at length before hiring. If possible ask for references and follow up with them. Likewise, you may even want to hear suggestions from friends and families. Note the various days that typically make the house messy and make a list of days that you need the house cleaning service. If you consult with a professional, don’t hesitate for discounts. Any professional house cleaning service offer perks with weekly or monthly service. A professional cleaner will also get an idea of what works and what doesn’t for your situation and budget. This rough estimate may include extra works and adjacent tasks that might be considered for cleaning such as cleaning shed and garage. To be specific about your list, record questions that need to be asked. Will the cleaning be done in your presence? Will the professional use only green household products? Will they take care of bacteria and mold? Likewise, if this is your first house cleaning project, it might be wise to simply finish the basic cleaning, spending time and money for other things later. Note how you feel after cleaning. How convenient is it to take this service weekly or monthly? When you are at home, will the cleaning process interrupt your routine? You can change any of these situations as you need. Other questions that you would want to analyze include: Is anyone in the family allergic to certain products? Will the process disturb asbestos if present? What other forms of cleaning process are possible? and so on.

How Status Labs Helps Clients Get The Best Online Reputations

Status Labs is a well known respected online reputation management company that also deals with public relations and digital marketing and it has offices in Sau Paulo and Austin, New York. The company was founded on the precepts that clients can have a good reputation online devoid of bad rumours and negativity. The company helps clients make sales, grow and have the best reputations on the web by having adequate public relationship strategies and digital marketing. Since its formation, the company has been able to serve over 1500 clients in more than 35 different countries.

When creating a successful PR pitch online, Status Labs uses the following approach;

1.Staying on topic

Prior to pitching, the company ensures that it does thorough research by exploring on the subject before making any publication. Staying on topic and having credible facts plays a very incredible role because no one can come and try to taint the reputation.

2.Think elevator pitching

Because in most instances people are busy and, therefore, limited to emails, it is important that emails are kept as concise and as short as possible. When including a press release, the company makes sure that it places it on the bottom of the email that gives the reader time to know more. After that, an end of call action is included by including questions that entice.

3.Knowing The Contact Being Pitched

Status Labs maintains that it is paramount for one to know the contact he/she is pitching. It is important to engage them in other platforms so as to understand better how they reason and react to particular topics.

4. Telling A Perfect Story

When pitching, it is important to engage the reader naturally by including proximity, timing, human interest, prominence and significance. The most important thing is that the overall message should be able to make significant sense to the person reading.

Status Labs has helped many clients regain their positive online reputation. In the past, the company has been contacted by over 50 users of an adult dating site who wanted its help after the site was hacked. The clients were fearing about the cyber criminals using their information in wrong ways either in attempts to extort from them or damage their reputation.

The company advises that when creating social media profiles, it is imperative not to include all personal details because that is the information that hackers target. Avid Life Media that owns Ashley Madison, the site was also being sued by former members for being negligent and not honoring its word that companionship will be guaranteed. On its part, the company offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who helps in catching the hackers.

Why many Ashley Madison clients contacted Status Labs is because they wanted the company to help fix or at least advice on matters related to their image in the event that their personal information found itself in the wrong hands. Though not in very good taste, the Ashley Madison incident served as a good lesson to social media users about the importance of including the smallest bits of personal information as possible.