The Magic Behind Visual Search

For as long as some can remember,searching up items to shop for has been around for a long time. Even on websites to shop from, like amazon, text searching narrows the products and shows what one might want for the most part. However the game is changing, every one has experienced seeing some photo online of a nicely decorated kitchen, and wanting that cabinet or that kitchen table. With the advancement of Visual search, someone can now click on an item in a picture and get results for similar items elsewhere. This new way of searching can convenience shoppers everywhere.

The slyce app is apart of this new visual search team. It allows people to take a picture of virtually anything and find items matching or similar to what they took a photo of. Going back to convenience, instead of having to type in some long, descriptive sentence to find an exact match, one can now take a picture or use a previously saved picture to find similar items. Someone can slice anything from lipstick to a kitchen table. Visual search saves a significant amount of time and that is all people want. This app is perfect for someone who is short on time or always in a rush.

The Neiman Marcus shopping brand has taken great use of this slyce technology. Their new motto for this technology, snap, find, shop, is literally as easy as it sounds. One could be anywhere and see a sweater to die for. They can simply take a photo of the item, and see what this brand has to offer that is similar or maybe even the same. Instead of scrolling through a chosen category for minutes and minutes, you can go right to the item as well as the items that relate to it.

Although visual search is making big advancements it is not available for everything just yet. The details that go into making this technology so great is hard to achieve by most things. Pinterest is one of the only other apps that have this visual search technology mastered by itself. However, technology is always advancing and it won’t be long before people can visually search anywhere.

Fall And Winter Men’s Fashion Shoes Are Throwbacks From Several Memorable Decades

Men’s leather shoes designers are always looking back as well as ahead in order to design for the present. The men’s fashion shoe business has a cyclical element to it even though most consumers don’t relate or care about that cycle. Most people just want fashionable footwear that makes a statement. They don’t care if their favorite brand copied a style that was popular 20 or 30 years ago. All they care about is how it looks and feels, and what color suits their needs.

The men’s shoe business has come a long way over the last fifty years. Back in the sixties the only pair of sneakers that most kids wore were canvas Converse All-Stars, and their only dress shoe was a black or brown wing-tip lace-up that was very church worthy.

Well, both of those looks are back, but the shoes aren’t the same. Converse All-Stars are made in a plethora of colors and materials these days. Men can buy a high-top All-Star in soft leather for winter, and the look is very fashionable. The old wing-tip is sleeker that it was in the 1960s. It’s not that stiff, boxy bulbous toe uncomfortable dinosaur of yesteryear anymore. Today’s wing-tips are long and lean with soft calf uppers and padded insoles. The toe shape is a 21st-century square that accents the narrow pants and tight fitting suits.

Sneakers and wing-tips are just two of the men’s fashion looks for fall and winter. Boots of all kinds are big this year. Dress boots from the 1940s are back again, but this time they do the men that wear them a favor. They are comfortable and long-lasting when they are taken care of properly. The rugged look is still a big boot look and so are athletic inspired dress shoes in rich brown leathers. One brand that has done an outstanding job bringing some of these looks back in fashion is Paul Evans Footwear.

Paul Evans Footwear is a New York-based men’s fashion house that creates unique American designs that are made in Italy. Italy has been making quality footwear for decades, and Paul Evans Footwear is bringing Italy footwear back into the mainstream men’s buying market. The reason Paul Evans is getting so much attention is, men can buy their unique designs directly from their Italian factory. That has never happened before. Most brands buy in bulk from China or Brazil, and that means quality always suffers in some way.

Paul Evans Footwear is handmade. That’s the old way to make shoes. So Paul Evans Footwear has merged the old with the new, and the result is a fashionable line of men’s shoes that look great, fit and wear for years when they are treated the way a great pair of shoes should be treated.

Investment Banking Explained

In a capitalist society, we have the opportunity to grow incredible wealth if we start a business. If the business is successful the founder can incorporate to receive additional tax benefits, If ambitious enough, the founder can even seek out investors to help fund future ventures. These investors are some of the world’s most important people, because they encourage the growth of small business.

What is an Investment Banker
Investment bankers aren’t to be confused with venture capitalists who also help businesses grow. Venture capitalists typically fund those who have trouble getting traditional financing. They’re more likely to finance a company with a promising concept while investment bankers typically back companies with strong track records. Investment bankers usually concentrate on a specific sector while investment bankers hold more diverse holdings.

How do Investment Bankers Earn Money
Anyone who has ever seen the television show Shark Tank is already familiar with the premise of investment banking. The investor invests a specific amount of money in exchange on for a percentage of the company. These terms are usually negotiated based upon the company’s performance. A company that earns more money is held in higher regard. Therefore, 40% of more successful company is worth more than a smaller company. The terms of the loan can vary greatly depending upon several factors.

Who Controls the Company
Sometimes the investment banker steps in and assumes the responsibility of growing and running the company. Other investors simply provide funds and let the current CEO run the company. Warren Buffet made a name for himself by investing in companies and leaving the infrastructure undisturbed. At one point, Buffet had actually passed the Bill Gates as the country’s wealthiest man, because the companies he backs become so successful. Sometimes, it’s best for the investment banker to take control of the company, because the company’s owners may not have the necessary business skills. Some people have the skills to create an excellent product, and they lack the skills to market the company to those who would support it.

More Investment Bankers
Another wealthy investment banker is Chicago’s Ken Griffin on insidermonkey, the founder of Citadel LLC. Ken is actually ranked 69th on the Forbes 400 list. He’s also a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University, where he graduated with a bachelor of the arts/science. Without individuals like Ken and Warren, it would be virtually impossible for smaller businesses to grow and thrive.

The Business Of Businessmen In Chicago

Majeed Ekbal graduated from American University in Washington, D.C. Chicagoans are calling him a global leader in business and marketing. Chicago has a lot of business opportunities such as marketing, aerospace, and food services. These has helped Chicago stay afloat in time of the hash economy. Chicago is where a lot of businesses in marketing flourish. Here will find a lot of business schools, where one can attend and prepare themselves to enter the business World. Ekabal is considered to be one of the best business and marketing leader of all times. He has long outpaced the pack, and still making great strides.

Majeed Ekbal is the President of Expresso in Chicago, Illinois, which is located on 2400 N Lake Avenue. This company has cornered the market by buying and selling groceries, which they deliver to their various customers in the Lincoln Park area, and West of Ashland Avenue. This genius has a team of workers that are reliable and very dependable. They provide impeccable service. They not only deliver, but caters to the customers’ needs, this is their main concern. If things are not to the customer’s liking, their only aim is to correct right away. For the company to be successful, they too believe in hard work and ethics. Ekbal has created a great environment for them to thrive and put their best foot forward. Believing if they like what they do, their main focus would be the company’s success. In Chicago a lot of business entrust their businesses to the employees, because they do really care and loves to see their company making strides.

Ekbal strongly believes, that a satisfied customer is a returning one. He knows that the customers are the back bone to his business, so he will make sure that their needs are met, even visiting often and loading the groceries in their car for them. His customers love his attention to detail. They always say wonderful things about him. All this efficiency comes from his fifteen years in his Business and marketing experience. He has complied in his database, one that he designed, thousands of basic food items, this provides easy access. He keeps abreast on all his workers at all times, just making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Ekbal is good for the Chicago economy. He is described as brilliant, talented and the ultimate in business and marketing for the City of Chicago. He hopes in the near future to expand further into Chicago.

Make a statement with Lime Crime Cosmetics

The perception that people wear makeup to look more beautiful or to cover imperfection could have a little bit of some truth in it but not entirely. To some, wearing makeup is about making a statement. They wear makeup to let the world know that they feel good about who they are because one rarely has the energy to put on makeup when in a somber mood. With this in mind, Doe Deere alias Xenia Vorotova came up with an idea of making cosmetics so bright the remind you of unicorns and rainbows. With a few bucks and buckets of ideas, Lime Crime was born. In October 2008, Lime Crime was launched and by then, it only started eye shadows, glitters, a primer and brushes.
Seven years down, Lime Crime has expanded its horizon. They have increased the number of products they sell in their stores. For the eyes, other than just eye shadows, Lime Crime now produces eye liners and eye glitters. All these meant to make your eyes pop out for those who believe that the eyes are the most beautiful things on any human face. They have several types of lipsticks in all colors and shades to take care of your lips. They not only have lipstick for your lips, but they also have lip gloss and balm to give your lips that shiny, sexy look. They also have a variety of nail products not forgetting their vast collection of hair products. All these began from a humble start of eye shadows, a primer and brushes. As a company grows, the number of people building it grows with it. Thus, today Lime Crime is made up of a team of makeup lovers committed to producing the best cosmetics. The kind of cosmetics that will give any cosmetic user an unforgettable experience and keep them coming back for more.
Any company aims at making their customers happy. As a cosmetic company, Lime crime concentrates on making intense pigmented, premier cosmetics to give looks as quirky, vivid and unique as that of their customers. Technically, their first duty is to their customers on Urban Outfitters. They even have online stores where cosmetic lovers can shop from anywhere and the products are shipped to them.
So if you are a dare-devil who loves trying out the impossible just for the thrill of it, try out Lime Crime cosmetic products for a thrill of a lifetime.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Led Different Companies To Become The Leaders In Technology

Shaygan Kheradpir is well-known technology and business executive who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. He is a bachelors, masters and doctorate engineering degree holder from Cornell University. In the past, he has been involved in deploying FiOS when he was working in Verizon as well as Pingit, a Barclays Bank money system run on mobile phones. He has also been a Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks before joining his current company.

He had entered his professional career at GTE Corporation before it joined hands with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. For not less than eleven years, he served in the Chief Technology Officer post and was very instrumental in leading a team of not less than 7,000 employees develop new products as well as supporting IT systems that came up with phenomenal products like the Verizon One. He also played a very integral role in helping reduce the company’s spending to about thirty percent by negotiating with vendors and outsourcing from India. While at that, he was also making better utilization of all of the company’s IT assets.

From 2011, he joined Barclays and worked there for two years. He was born in London but grew up in Iran. He attended his high school education in Switzerland but moved to the United States for university. In his first job at GTE Laboratories, he was involved in network routing, control, and management. Eventually, he became the Chief Information Officer of the Corporation and earned a lot of respect for ensuring that all products are delivered on schedule. When the company joined hands with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon, he served in the role of President of the eBusiness division before proceeding to become the company’s first Chief Telecommunications Officer.

In the year 2001, Kheradphir of arnnet formed small teams that were held responsible for coming up with new ideas and products. He was in the front line in implementing a thirty-day prototype cycle that played a very big role testing as well as modifying new technologies in development. His team brought in revitalized energy and worked long hours to deliver. The team handled the company’s first fiber optic video initiative. The Verizon One, a combination of a modem, router and phone was also developed by the team. The team also improved on the company’s service delivery when it re-engineered many of its core systems.

During his tenure at the company, it was able to reduce its information technology budget from six percent to around four percent. He also made a reduction in the IT staff by 20 percent and also reduced purchasing from technology vendors by more than 30 percent. He was also involved in a lot of negotiating with vendors and played a very major role in eliminating the company’s policy of purchasing IT equipment that was being auctioned in eBay. He also ensured that many programming contract positions were outsourced so as to reduce the budget as well as the installation of a new software that improved how the company utilized its IT assets.

Top Healthcare companies

Working in the health care industry can result in a long career with job fulfillment, great pay, and reasonable work. For anybody to work in this industry, all players are required to meet certain standards that conform to the acceptable quality of life. Many companies have ventured into this industry including the Nobilis Health that is a fully healthcare management and development company.

  • About the Nobilis Health

Companies like Nobilis Health according to with an appreciable track record of extreme organic growth. The Nobilis owns and operates several surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in some regions of the United States.

  • Sproxll

The Sproxll Company has embraced a new system to beat counterfeit drugs that may be available at various pharmaceutical retail outlets. This game-changing approach enables a patient to verify the authenticity of the drugs after he or she obtains them. A patient can scratch off a label mark to reveal a unique code. He or she can then text the code to Sproxll to verify its legitimacy. The Company has yet partnered with IBM to analyze client data and forecast drug counterfeiting patterns. The company has also ventured into other fields in a quest for product verification.

  • Safaricom

Safaricom is a company that has baffled every person in the telecommunication industry but has also invested in the healthcare sector. With that not enough, the company first caught international attention by dramatically transforming the banking sector in Kenya. At a small fee, the subscribers can get timely medical advice. That is meant to supplement the ridiculous shortage of medical services in the region.

  • D-Rev

Access to affordable health care services in most developing nations is still a dream to come true. Although the health sector in such nations has improved recently, new patients normally shy away from medical practitioners who employ expensive and complex machinery. D-Rev focuses on developing and designing high-quality medical products that are affordable. The company then partners with distributors to supply these products to the market.

  • Proteus Digital Health

Diagnosing a complication in the human body might be challenging but can be made easier if the doctor can see inside. That is what the Proteus Digital Health employs to develop an ingestible sensor the size of a small grain. The stomach acid powers the sensor. It is at times embedded on pills and once swallowed special information is relayed to a smartphone where you can then assess the influence of the drug.

  • Dexcom

The Dexcom aims at monitoring your blood sugar. The company has developed continuous glucose monitor that monitors blood-sugar level through a sensor that is placed under the abdomen. The device has helped the company to increase its revenue by 42%.

All companies in this sector must conform to the set standards and issued with valid operating licenses.

LondonEscape: Finding the Traveler the Perfect End to Any Day

When visiting London, there are a variety of lodging options to choose from that are both affordable and pleasant. Rather than limit the choice to a usual hotel room, take advantage of many of the spacious moderately priced rental properties available in the London area. There are many websites available to assist, when searching for the perfect accommodations.

LondonEscape, part of WorldEscape, offers the traveler extensive information on London vacation rentals. HomeAway claims to have over a million rental property listings to choose from. Onefinestay specializes in homes that are rented to travelers, while the occupants are out of town. HomefromHome has a smaller more elite list of approximately 200 properties to choose from in the London area. When determining which rental company is the best choice, consideration should be given to the services offered by the rental company, the variety of properties to choose from, and the company’s availability after the reservation is booked.

LondonEscape meets all of these requirements and more. Being part of the WorldEscape Group allows them to have access to an expansive network of operations in over 25 countries. Unlike many other rental property consultants, LondonEscape has an office based in London. Being a part of the city provides them with extensive knowledge of London’s rental property market. This allows them to better assist customers in locating rentals that are both affordable and homey. Their employees do site visits to each property they list, ensuring that the highest standards are met, before their property is listed.

Whether the traveler is looking for a small hotel room or a spacious apartment, LondonEscape will work to find that special accommodation that fits the traveler’s budget. Most of the offerings of LondonEscape can be booked instantly either online or by telephone by speaking to a reservation specialist, who can answer any questions about the process or the chosen property. After the perfect rental has been booked, the staff at LondonEscape continues to be available through email, telephone, or their online chat function to answer any questions that may come up. Traveling the world can be both fun and overwhelming, rest assured when it’s time to crawl into bed after a day of sightseeing, the chosen accommodations are exactly as planned, thanks to the staff of LondonEscape.

Chronic Back Pain Can Possibly Be Healed At North American Spine

Some people who have been in a minor car accident may end up with major back pain, and it’s not unusual for other people to think that they are faking the pain. When it comes to car accidents, many people will say that they are in pain, but they may not talk about the pain until several days after the accident has happened. It’s been proven that accident victims can suffer from back pain, and certain pains they have may not start hurting until days after the accident has passed. Consider certain back pains as the same thing as a person who exercises too hard one day.

The person may exercise excessively, and if they haven’t exercised in a while, they won’t feel pain right away, but the pain will show up over the next day or two. When a person is hit from behind when they are in a car, their back is normally pushed forward, and being refrained by the seat belt can help to cause additional injury to their back. Although the seat belt is very helpful to save a person’s life, it can also cause certain injuries, and it may cause additional pain in the back area.

If back pain can’t be helped with medication, exercise, and doctor visits, then surgery should be the next choice. Surgery is something that’s chosen by people who are having aggravating back pain that may not allow them to live a normal life anymore. Those who wish to have surgery performed on their back can visit North American Spine facilities, and they can receive the AccuraScope procedure or the CuraSpine procedure. Depending on how bad the back pain is or where it’s located, one of the procedures should be able to help heal the pain, possibly healing it for good.

The AccuraScope procedure will take around 45 minutes to complete, and the procedure is very specific, so it goes to the heart and root of the pain a person may be feeling in their back. Once the procedure has been performed, then the person is allowed to go home the very same day and have outpatient care. Judging from the North American Spine reviews, over 90% of patients who have received the AccuraScope procedure say it’s something they would recommend others try, proving that it’s a very valuable procedure. Those who pay a visit to North American Spine can receive the procedures that they need to help possibly heal their back pain permanently.

Shaygan Kheradpir Is An Amazing Electrical Engineer

Shaygan Kheradpir is an American business executive that is the chief executive officer of Coriant, a telecommunications company. Mr. Kheradpir has had a long career that has proved to be successful. He was born in London and came to the United States to go to school — also known as “brain drain,” where smart people from other countries attain their degree in the United States. Shaygan was born to a doctor father, which made him want to go above and beyond in his career and do better than him.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir attended college at Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor’s, master’s, and terminal degree in electrical engineering. After graduating, Shaygan started working at GTE Labs. He started working with information and control systems, which he excelled at. He eventually became the chief information officer there.

One might wonder why a business executive would major in electrical engineering. Shaygan knew that he could excel as an electrical engineer because he always had a passion for electronics, and engineers have always been in demand because their jobs require lots of difficult training. Electrical engineers deal with the development of electronics and electrical systems, which is what Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has done pretty much his entire career.

In 2000, Bell Atlantic joined forces with GTE Labs to form Verizon, which is still going strong today. Back then, the internet was not nearly as developed as it is now. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir started off working as the president of the e-business portion of the company. After a few years of showing outstanding performance, he was named Verizon Communications’ CIO and CTO, simultaneously.

The next job Shaygan went on to was being the chief operating officer of the global retail and business bank division of Barclays. After just two years there, he moved up to chief operations and technology officer. He got offered yet another high-ranking job, where he worked for Juniper Networks.

Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has published several academic works regarding information systems, control systems, development of wireless internet routers. Kheradpir is truly a genius in respect to anything that has to do with the internet. He has been entrusted with important responsibilities in his career, especially at Verizon Communications. When he started working there, he had to oversee the operations of more than seven thousand employees, which all worked in small teams with each other.

These teams’ work was reviewed every month as a whole to see what was being developed for Verizon. Mr. Kheradpir was able to change the direction the company was going in or modify the ways in which they worked. This flexibility allowed Mr. Kheradpir to put his entire mind and philosophies into Verizon, which proved to be a successful relationship for both parties.

If one is interested in learning more about Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir, simply Google search his name to find out more about his background and his long, tenured career. He is considered to be one of the most successful electrical engineers of his generation.